Saturday, December 18, 2010

Floral dress

The look:
Vintage floral dress from flea market
Thrifted brooch
Pearl necklace
Peep toes heels

Last night I watched Chocolat and perhaps my look for the day was inspired from the movie. I love Vianne's costumes - the cut and rich colours. Wish I could have her wardrobe. Whilst looking for the perfect shoes to match the outfit, I could not help but to have few flashbacks of a pair of ivory or cream coloured shoes in one of the vintage etsy stores. Thinking that they can be the perfect match for the outfit.

Picture taken from Etsy:

The shoes are adorable, aren't they? I hope I am not making up excuses to buy the shoes. And the shoes are available in my size only. Gosh. Or do I need to chant this mantra; 'I don't need another pair of shoes. I have many pairs of shoes. I don't need another pair of shoes. I have many pairs of shoes...?' Don't think it would be an easy job.

On another note, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Counting the days to Christmas? I know I am. So looking forward to the holiday or break.


  1. This look is great. Those shoes would be the perfect finishing touch!

  2. If they're in you size.... why not :) Maybe you shouldn't listen to me..

  3. Love those lady-like white shoes! xo

  4. Those shoes are pretty cute! eeep..I would love to tell you 'you dont need em, save your money!' but they are pretty adorable and would look great on you!! Love your blog pretty.xo

  5. i love your shoes :)

  6. gorgeous shoes!!!
    I tagged you for an award. please check my blog ;)

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