Saturday, November 18, 2017

vintage finds from paris and london

Most of the time when I was on vintage hunting trips, luck was hardly on my side. However during the vintage hunting trips in Paris and London, I had a little bit of luck and also some extra money to spend - my so called vintage fashion fund. 

vintage slip
Vintage slip (perhaps from the 50s)

vintage buttons
Vintage mother of pearl buttons 

I bought the vintage slip and vintage buttons from a store in Les Puces. And I also for the first time I tried bargaining as there few stains on the  vintage slip - just trying to push my luck a little. Well, if you don't ask, you will never know. The seller was kind enough to offer some reduction. As for the vintage buttons, I bought them for future sewing projects. Mostly probably a blouse or top.  

vintage dress
Vintage 90s does 50s dress 

When I was in London, I stayed in Notting Hill area and everyday, I passed by a vintage shop with no opening hours information. Such a mysterious shop! One Saturday afternoon, I purposely walked pass the shop hoping it would open. And indeed it was opened for business. Whether I had luck in finding something for myself or not, I was excited to explore the shop. As always, I would check out offer rack first and this 90s does 50s dress was calling out to me.  

vintage bag

vintage bag inside

Vintage bag (era unknown, brand: Rakhams for Harrods Store)

Looking for vintage at the Portobello Market was fun. However, sometimes it was either the piece was not my size or it was over my budget. When I was about to leave the market, I stopped by at a stall selling mostly pre-loved items. Then the lovely golden velvety bag stood out and caught my eyes. Without much hesitation, I decided to give the bag a new home, half way around the world!

I never thought during these vintage hunting trips I had luck. Now, it is a matter of time to wear the dresses. As for the bag, I think I will let it rest for now until a suitable occasion arise.

Have a great weekend everyone. Till my next post, stay chic!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

diy post: fixing bag's handles with twilly scraves

What would you do when the handles of your bag are cracked but its body is still in good condition? To throw or to do anything to salvage it? Whislt my bag is not an expensive bag but to throw it away just because of the handles seems to be a waste.

bag handles

Then I remember how Hermés twilly scarves are wrapped around the bags' handles. Why not? This seemed like a good idea and this inspired me to do the same with my bag.I got this bag in a flea market many years back in Kuala Lumpur. It was a pre-loved bag and I bought it for RM10.

Instead of buying fabric, I used a rectangular long scarf for this project which costs HKD20. So this is a cheap and fast fix. Here goes...

what you need

What you need:

Fabric or in my case rectangular long scraf
A pair of scissors
Chalk (not in this photo)
Ruler (not in this photo)
Sewing machine (not in this photo)
and not forgotting the bag 

1 a close up

Rip a seam open for about an inch to an inch and half at one of the end. Then turn the right side into wrong side through the opening. 

2 a close up

Find the middle point of the scarf and draw a line with chalk

3 cut into two

Cut along the line

4 sew seam
Sew the seams and remember to leave an opening. The opening is used to turn the wrong side to the right side. Once this is done, hand stitch the opening.

5.1 wrap the handle

Now, let's get the handles wrap! Not sure how to, just search videos on Youtube.Click here to check one of the videos.

6 finished
The finished product

My bag has been successfully salvaged! What do you think?

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Till my next post, stay chic!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

wanderlust: vintage adventures in paris

Personally, I believe vintage hunting or thrifting is definitely not to be missed when visiting Paris. I think one of the reasons why Parisian women are so chic is that they incorporate vintage pieces into their outfit and make them their own style.

Prior to my visit, I came across a website of vintage, friperies (thrift or secondhand), luxury vintage (to name a few) boutiques directories. How cool is that? Click here to check it out. This really helped me in selecting which vintage stores to visit.

by flower 1

Little shop packed with vintage treasures - clothes, bags to shoes

by flower 3

by flower 4

Since I was staying in the 10th arrondissement (è) or neighbourhood, I started my vintage or thrift hunting in 18th è - Montmartre.

By Flowers
86 Rue des Martyrs

Free P Star A1

Free P Star A3

Free P Star B

Free P Star C

Next, I headed to 4th è, where all the branches of Free P Star are located. First I hit the 1€ bin then the racks. However, luck was not on my side this time, left all the branches empty handed. 

52 rue de la Verrerie, Paris 4è

61 rue de la Verrerie, Paris 4è
20 rue de Rivoli, Paris 4è

The highlight of my vintage hunting was visiting the famous flea market in Paris; Les Puces de Saint-Ouen ot Les Puces at Porte de Clignancourt. Les Puces is considered as the largest antique market and secondhand shop in the world. There 14 markets: Antica, Biron, Cambo, Dauphine, Django Reinhardt, Jules Vallès, le Passage, Malassis, Malik, l’Entrepôt, Paul Bert Serpette, des Rues, L’Usine & Lécuyer and Vernaison in an area of seven hectares.

I wish I had more time to spend here instead of couple of hours, believe me it is not enough. Even I visited only few markets which sell vintage, I think I could spend whole day here. To check out vintage, I visited Paul Bert and Dauphine.

Les Puces 8

Les Puces 10

Les Puces 11

In this shop I bought a vintage slip and some vintage buttons. The owner is a friendly old lady who speaks a little English (phew..). When asked where to find vintage stores in the market, she was kind enough to direct me to the right market - Dauphine. So, I walked to Dauphine and came across some vintage stores along the way. 

Les Puces 14

Les Puces 13

Les Puces 18

Les Puces 19

Finally, I arrived at Dauphine. Not only there are vintage or secondhand shops but also shops selling vintage furniture, vintage fashion magazines, old books and also vintage knick knacks. I could easily spend hours here especially shop selling vintage fashion magazines. I wish I could buy all the vintage fashion magazines!! 

Les Puces 2

Les Puces 5

Les Puces 23

Les Puces 24

Les Puces 25

Les Puces 26

For more information on Les Puces, visit these websites:

What do you think of vintage scene in Paris? To be honest, my post did not really do the justice. You need to be there to experience it. If I have another opportunity to visit Paris again (oh Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris has opened.... hhmm... another reason to visit Paris???), definitely I will spend more time in Les Puces.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Till my next post, stay chic!

Monday, October 16, 2017

wanderlust: christian dior: 70 years of haute couture

Just couple of weeks before I left for London (first then a brief trip to Paris), I came across news of Christian Dior exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs; commemorating 70th anniversary of the creation of the House of Dior. I was super excited and could not wait to buy a ticket online (highly recommend to buy ticket online to avoid very, very long queue however the site is in French). 

The exhibition takes you on a magical journey into the world of House of Dior from Christian Dior, himself to his fellow successors; Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri. Get a little up close and personal with hundreds of lovely dresses. An exhibition not to be missed!

dior 1
Dresses inspired by Sterling - Christian Dior by Raf Simons

dior 7
Inspirations taken from around the world 

dior 6
Egyptian inspired dress - Christian Dior by John Galliano 

dior 9
Inspirations taken from the gardens

dior 10

dior 11
Miss Dior dress 

dior 12
The New Look dress 

dior 14
Dresses by Yves Saint Laurent

dior 15
Dresses by Marc Bohan

dior 22
Dresses by Gianfranco Ferré

dior 16
Interesting pieces from John Galliano 

dior 17
Dresses by Raf Simons

dior 18
Dresses by Maria Grazia Chiuri

dior 19
Stars in Dior - showcasing Dior dresses worn by celebrities 

dior 20
The Dior Ball 

The exhibition is currently running until the 7th January 2018 at the Museum of Decorative Arts, details as follows:

Musée des Arts décoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is open until 9 p.m. on Thursdays (Temporary Exhibitions only). Closed on Mondays.

Hope this post has given you a little sneak peek of the Dior exhibition. 

Till my next post, stay chic!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

outfit post: 50s white-yellow day dress

Paris, City of Light, one of the most romantic places in the world; I am pretty sure it is on (almost) every girls' wishlist. To be able to visit Paris, it is indeed a dream comes true. Besides the Lourve, Musee d'Orsay (to name a few a must visit museums); just imagine all the scrumptious pasteries (croissants, macarons and the list goes on...), vintage shopping or strolling in Jardin des Tuileries, Paris has it all.

Tour Eiffel (from Bir-Hakeim)


Pont Alexandre III

The Louvre 

Outfit: vintage 50s day dress and vintage 40s heels 

When taking photos with Paris as your background, you definitely need a special dress. The beautiful dress was purchased from Victory Girl Vintage and it was perfect for the photo shoot. Actually it did not cross my mind when I bought the dress. All I thought was; "This is a lovely dress! And I need to get it...".  As for the vintage 40s heels, I bought them from Roads Less Travelled 2 at a great deal. Currently I am slowly expanding my vintage wardrobe from the 80s to the 40s to 50s and maybe 30s. 

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, till my next post, stay chic!