Tuesday, October 23, 2012

taking a part time course in footwear design

Life has been a little hectic lately especially with work, thus I was unable to blog as frequently as I wish to. Anyway, one of the things to share with you which have mentioned in one of my entries is that I have signed up a part time course in footwear design. Class started three weeks ago. I am enjoying every moment of it. I am happy to be sketching, drawing and colouring again. The last time I hold a colour pencil was many years ago, about five years ago, if I am not mistaken.

How did it start? Well, before moving here, I have been looking for footwear design course in Malaysia but to no avail.I thought of enrolling in a summer course of footwear design in Italy but it is very, very expensive.So I put it on hold. Now, that I have moved here, perhaps I can try to find any part time course in footwear design.Next thing I know, I was searching online for footwear design part time course.

I came across ITS website and was quite excited that they offer shoe design course. I sent an enquiry but did not hear anything. Then, I searched again and came across with Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) and sent an enquiry. And I received a response! I was flabbergasted and the rest was history. 

So far, I have attended three classes and last week I learnt colouring shoes using colour pencils and markers. For the first two classes, we were taught drawing techniques. Here are my homework;

Pencil drawing of shoes

colouring with colour pencils
Colouring using colour pencils

colouring with markers
Colouring using markers

Ten more lessons to go and at the end of this course, students are required to prepare a presentation of shoes design which would be graded. Gasp... I have left school for a long time and the term grading kind of scares me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sight-seeing: hong kong museum of history pt 2

hk museum of history main entrance

The Hong Kong Museum of History houses a permanent exhibition of history of Hong Kong from prehistoric period to the reunification of Hong Kong to China.There is a section of natural environment and folk culture. It is worth to visit this museum if you are interested in history and of course to know more about Hong Kong.

prehistoric hk

prehistoric pottery
From prehistoric section

folk culture opera
From folk culture section - Chinese opera

other vintage stuff

sewing workshop

old ad 1
From early growth of the city section

old cameras

vintage toys
From modern metropolis section

What do you think? A trip to this museum is educational yet fun. There are few more museums on my to-visit list. Hhhmm... which is next?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

home solution: laundry bag and indoor dryer

It has been almost three months of living and working in Hong Kong. So far, things go well and I have been exploring Hong Kong either for sight-seeing or to look for a vintage or thrift store. The weather is fine now for sight-seeing so I am planning to visit places of interest.

I have adapted pretty well living in a small place. Two of the most important thing that I have learnt are being flexible and creative in solving space or utility matters. Here I would like to share; a versatile laundry bag and a temporary indoor dryer.


Use IKEA (L) shopping bag as laundry bag. It is cheap and bigger enough to hold about one week's clothes. Perhaps more than a week.


When it rains, I use the mop to assemble into an indoor dryer by placing it on the chair and by the window for support.

Sometimes I think to myself, it is possible to live comfortably in a small place as long as one is open to explore and think out of the box.

Do you have any great ideas to share on flexibility or versatility at home?

Monday, October 15, 2012

vintage stores in central, hong kong

vintage HK

Finally I managed to check out two vintage stores in Central, Hong Kong. To be honest, I am not very good with maps so I have been walking round and round or perhaps up and down the roads before finding these stores. 

Vintage HK is located at 59, Hollywood, Central. It sells a wide range of items from clothes, bags to accessories and knickknacks. I came across with vintage hats, Chanel bags, Fendi bags to name a few. A place worth to check out. 

(3 July 2016 update: Vintage HK is closed)

outside store

bang bang 70s sign

Bang! Bang! 70's store is located at 1/F, 16A, Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong. The store brings back the nostalgia of a vintage home with a lovely red sofa, vintage tv, vintage poster amongst many other vintage items such as bags, shoes, clothes etc. Here are some photos of inside the store:

bags n dresses

shoes n glasses

chanel earrings
Chanel earrings circa 1990s

pink chanel vintage bag
Pink Chanel bag - a rare one indeed

vintage chanel bag
Mini Chanel vintage flap bag

It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon by visiting and checking out vintage store and get connected to vintage items, especially checking out the earrings and bags.Of course it would be a splendid I have could afford to buy at least the earrings but I have to hold on to that thought. Need shop around... and of course need to invest in a sewing machine first. 

How was your weekend? Good, I hope. Have a good week ahead!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

on second thought...

Recently, I have been contemplating of getting a second hand sewing machine instead of getting a brand new unit. You may ask why. Well, first of all, I would not be using the machine a lot; just to alter clothes and do some DIY sewing projects. So, I do not really need many fancy functions. And secondly, of course to save some money (hopefully). However, I am still unsure. I have my doubts.

I have been in touch with a seller and have started to ask questions. Here is a photo of the sewing machine - SINGER 6211C. A (vintage?) SINGER electronic sewing machine. I did a little research and apparently this is a heavy duty free arm sewing machine. It sews a wide range of fabrics from delicate fabrics such as voile, organza, silk to heavy fabric like leather and heavy canvas. 

Whilst the sewing machine itself seems like a good machine but there are other concerns such as the working condition of the machine (although the seller claims it is in excellent condition), spare parts availability for the machine, where to send the machine for service, its accessories and manual. According to the seller, accessories of the machine is available but not the manual.Hhmmm...

What do you think; would you buy a brand new or second hand sewing machine?

Friday, October 12, 2012

autumn outfits wishlist

autumn outfit 3

autumn outfit 2

autumn outfit 1

The weather is getting cooler. I think the autumn is here or about to arrive. Finally, the long wait to experience autumn has over. Yay! I can wear tights and layer clothes, which I have been waiting to try to do so for some time now. Can't wait. Here I have put together my autumn outfits wishlist. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

breaking the rules...

thrifted vintage black top

thrifted vintage lace collar top

Although I have said to myself, "Don't buy anymore clothes." many, many times since I have been here, last Sunday I broke this rule.Not only I have yet to figure out how to store extra clothes which I have brought from Malaysia, I have just added two more pieces into this pile.

What you didn't know is the price of these vintage tops. Are you ready? Here goes... each top costs HK$5. Yup, HK$5 for each top. I found these pieces on the HK$5 rack. Great finds, right? 

Another rule that I have broken is buying vintage clothes (although I should not do this in the first place) which needs alteration. Without a sewing machine, alteration is quite a challenge. I thought about altering the tops by hand but I am not sure whether this is a good idea... hhmmm.

Anyway, hope you had a lovely weekend. Stay stylish and have a good week ahead!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

sight-seeing: hong kong museum of history pt 1


I love visiting museums and when I heard about  exhibition on terracotta warriors and other artifacts of the Qin Dynasty at Hong Kong Museum of History, I thought to myself that this is a MUST SEE exhibition. At first I did not know that there was a need to buy tickets in advance as this is a popular exhibition, when I reached the box office, tickets for the day were sold out. I was quite disappointed but I still have time to go again as the exhibition would end in November. Click here to view more photos of the exhibition.


Terracotta warriors on display

cartoon terracotta warrior

Here is a photo of me with a cartoon-ish terracotta warrior. Not a very vintage-y outfit but I was using my vintage Aigner handbag. This bag is my weekend handbag and I love it. I put many things inside this bag; wallet, mobile phone, umbrella, maps etc.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more posts on sight seeing!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

same pants and heels but different top

3 oct 1

3 oct 2
the look: thrifted vintage top, pants, pump heels

Hello everyone! Sorry that I have gone MIA for while. I have been busy with work and then a break and now back to work. I have got couple of things to share with you but first, an outfit post. I realised that for the past two outfit posts, I wore the exact same pants and pump heels. Few of my staple wear at the moment.  

What is your staple wear?