Friday, December 26, 2014

vintage festival 2014


Hello! I am so glad to be back here, the blogsphere... There is a quite bit of catching up to do. Last month, I was in Malaysia for a short holiday. It was great to be back; catching up with family and friends and not forgetting eating all the yummy Malaysian food. I was in luck as I had the opportunity to attend Vintage Festival, few days before my departure. And course of, I did not miss out any chance grabbing nice vintage clothes!

I went on the first day of the festival and arrived after 11-ish AM, thinking that most of the stalls would be opened. However, sadly, I was wrong. Almost half of the stalls have yet to be opened; some empty stalls and some were still in the process of setting up. Looking on the bright side of this, the lesser stalls opened, the lesser I could shop. The outcome of this visit was two tops and a pair of slacks and total amount spent was RM25. 

vintage stall

vintage clothes

This was the stall where I bought my vintage tops and slacks for RM25

vintage books

Vintage books and knick knacks

vintage sewing machines

Vintage hand crank Singer sewing machines

old sewing machine legs

Old or vintage sewing machine legs (to add a wooden or glass top to make a table with sewing machine legs; awesome, no?)

By visiting this vintage festival, my thirst for vintage (at a bargain) or shopping in a flea market has been quenched, at least for now. So glad that I managed to squeeze this into my busy holiday schedule.

Hope you had have a great Christmas celebrations for those who celebrate the festivity and happy holidays!

Have a great weekend ahead and stay chic!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

outfit post: nautical inspired vintage dress

park island 1

26 oct 1
the look: nautical inspired vintage dress, slim belt, tote bag and anchor sandals

Finally, an outdoor photo shoot! Couple of weeks ago, I went to Ma Wan, an island in Tsuen Wan, New Territories to explore the island. Few attractions in Ma Wan are Noah's Ark Park, Ma Wan Park, Fong Yuen Study Hall, Tung Wan beach and not forgetting enjoy the breath taking view of Tsing Ma bridge from this beach.Whilst I was there, I thought I would give outdoor photo shoot a try and I did not regret bring along the tripod!

tsing ma bridge 1

tsing ma bridge 2

What do you think of these views? Breathtaking, no? Would you agree with me? 

Hope you are having a great weekend. Stay chic and stylish, everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

outfit post: checked vintage dress

11 oct 1

11 oct 2

the look: vintage dress, thrifted belt, sneakers

Summer is not over yet, fall is not here yet.... so I took this opportunity to wear a summer dress; checked dress.This outfit is simple, comfortable and casual for the weekend. Walking around the city in hot and humid weather requires comfortable outfit, so a simple dress  as such saves the day! Anyway, I look forward to fall and to enjoy slightly cooler weather... 

Hope you are having a good weekend. Till the next post, stay chic and stylish!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

leather forever, hermes exhibition


I stumbled upon this exhibition; leather forever, last weekend. Indeed, I was lucky as to be honest, I had no idea there was such exhibition in Hong Kong. It would be a really shame to miss it!

The exhibition was consist of or divided into thirteen rooms;

Room 1 & 2 - Savoir-faire 


In this room, different kind of leathers where displayed. One can freely touch, feel these leather.

bags 1

Different kinds of Hermes bags were display in this section. Indeed a rare opportunity to see these lovely bags at a very close range. However, visitors are not allowed to touch them. 

bag 1

Constance III bag - 2013, Geranium smooth Niloticus crocodile

bag 2

Roulis bag - 2013, Smooth gingerbread Niloticus crocodile. Silver and palladium plated

bag 4

Faco II bag - 2013, H-red and geranium Mississippeinsis alligator, Barenia calfskin. Silver and palladium plated.

bag 3

Faco II bag - 2013, Electric blue and emerald Mississippeinsis alligator, Barenia calfskin. Silver and palladium plated.

Room 3 - Variations on Kelly and Birkin 

bags 2

This room was dedicated to showcase different kinds of Kelly and Birkin bags. So, which team are you - team Kelly or team Birkin? 

Room 4 - Fasteners or beauty spots? 

In French the fastener is known as a fermoir. The fasteners plays a part in making a bag even more distinctive. Its mechanism hidden or laid bare like a jewel, the fastener is the magic sesame of very bag.

Room 5 - The horse, the first client 

bags 3

bag and saddle

It all started with the horse and for the horse. The horse is the "first" client of Hermes. In 1837, in a modest harness workshop in Rue Basse-du-Rempart, Paris, Thierry Hermes and his artisans worked to ensure that horses were fitted out both reliable and elegantly. One hundred and seventy-seven years later, the horse still continues to inspire.

Room 6 - On the beltway

Hermes has been designing leather belts since the start of the 20th century. Over the years, the belts are in a process of constant reinvention and is an accessory.

Room 7 - Discretion and simplicity 

This room showcased and celebrated the simplicity of  more Hermes bags; which it is believed the supreme of elegance. 

Room 8 - The spirit of the nomad 

Room 9 - The patina of time

In this section, items such as bag, leather trunk, gloves, travel bag and document folder to name a few were displayed. Fine leather is a living material; it never grows old, only gaining in beauty from the touch of its user and character from the passing of time. 

Room 10 - Time savers

This section showcased many aide-memories items such as portfolios, watch and diary; which are precious companions, vital to bringing time on side. 

Room 11 - When dreams become reality


You can turn your dream Hermes bag (or any item) into reality by placing an order at Hermes Special Order workshop. How would you design your Hermes bag? 

Room 12 - Companions and friends

Nesting objects, wallets, diaries and key-holders are Hermes faithful allies, shaping themselves to fit its live and desires. A truly kaleidoscope of leathers and colours. 

Room 13 - Star bags

To pay homage to Hong Kong as its host city for the exhibition, Hermes has chosen to make two bags based on the Passe-Guide, created in 1975 by Henri d'Origny. The bags are in black smoothed crocodile with white-gold leaf on the scales and tone-on-tone jewellery. The bags were presented in a music score. 

Knowing the fact that I could not afford a Hermes bag; it was truly a great opportunity to get up close and personal with Hermes brand or bags. 

Hope you are having a great weekend and until the next post, stay chic! 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

while i was away from blogging....

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend! It is good to be back here, to blog and to get connected with you. Here is a little confession, while I was away from blogging lately, I was secretly (sort of) looking and bidding or purchasing vintage Chanel accessories online. Hence I have started my little vintage Chanel accessories collection...

vintage chanel earrings a

vintage chanel earrings b

Vintage Chanel diamond shape rhinestone clip earrings.
Made in France
Circa 1980s
Width: approximately 2.2 cm
Height: approximately 2.9 cm

vintage chanel earrings 1

vintage chanel earrings 2

Vintage Chanel Double C clip earrings
Made in France
Diameter: approximately 1.7 cm

vintage chanel earrings 3

vintage chanel earring 4

Vintage Chanel earrings
Made in France
Width: approximately 1.3 cm
Height: 1 cm

vintage chanel double c brooch

back vintage chanel brooch

Vintage Chanel Double C brooch
Made in France
Circa 1980s
Width: approximately 5.5 cm
Height: approximately 4 cm

Once started, I am not sure if I will stop expanding my collection but I guess I will take it slow and to collect rare pieces only...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Till my post, stay chic and stylish!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

vintage outfit post: vintage green and white skirt

vintage green skirt 1

vintage green skirt 2
the look: top, beads necklace, belt, vintage skirt, vintage heels

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. How time flies.... six months have passed and now July is here! Six more months till the end of the year. Hope you are keeping up with your new year resolutions; not off the track. Well, I must admit, I have not been keeping up with mine very well, for instances, blogging. I know I have been on MIA several times but I will my try to blog at least once a week. Anyway, here is an entry on one of my work attires; incorporating vintage with current pieces. 

Till the next post, stay chic and stylish!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

outfit post (finally...yay!)

outfit 3 may 1

outfit 3 may 2
outfit: vintage dress, pre-loved moschino belt, vintage heels

Every now and then, I try to wear vintage clothes or add vintage elements into my outfits. At times, the weather does not permit. It has been raining for days now and I can not wait for sunny days. I wore this ensemble to a Hong Kong Philharmonic performance early of the month. The pre-loved Moschino belt was purchased from Vintage HK few months back. It was my first purchase from the shop. Whenever I am at Central without fail I check out the shop even it is just window shopping. Hong Kong requires loads of walking and sadly, one of the heel cap/top lift/heel tip of my vintage heels is broken. The damage is not serious and a visit to a cobbler will fix the problem. And now, the vintage heels are resting in its shoes box, waiting to be fixed and for the next adventures. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Stay chic!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

essential accessories of the little black dress - a le french may event

I love May because of Le French May event in Hong Kong. This year there is an interesting exhibition on accessories to complement with little black dress at Elements, Kowloon. Members of the public and fashionista alike would enjoy this exhibition - well, I know I did. Picture says a thousand of words, so I let these photos do their work...

title page
vintage lbd


lbd 2

lbd 3

hats 1

vintage bags

vintage gloves

vintage shoes

vintage shoes 2

vintage shoes 3

necklaces and brooches

chanel bracelet

perfume ad

What do you think? Did you oh or ah at some of these photos? I was drooling over the vintage hats, vintage bags and of course Chanel bracelet.

If you are happened to be in Hong Kong, do check out this exhibition at Metal and Water Zones in Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Alight at Kowloon station and head to exit C. Exhibition ends on 2nd June 2014.

Have a good weekend and stay chic!