Monday, August 14, 2017

vintage stores @ malasaña

48A Around Malasana

Here's a post for vintage lovers or fashionistas. To get your vintage fix whilst vacationing in Madrid, head to Malasaña. Here are some vintage stores for your to-check-out-list:

La Mona Checa

la mona checa 1

la mona checa 2

la mona checa 3

la mona checa 5

Store details:

La Mona Checa
Calle de Velarde 2,
28004 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 93 39 97


williamsburg 1

williamsburg 3

williamsburg 4

williamsburg 6

Store details:

Calle de Velarde 4,
28004 Madrid, Spain
647 51 39 11

Biba Vintage

Biba 1

Biba 2

Biba 3

Store details:

Biba Vintage
Calle de Velarde 1,
28004 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 91 54 68

Magpie Vintage

Magpie 1

Magpie 2

Magpie 3

Magpie 5

Store details:

Magpie Vintage
Calle de Velarde 3,
28004 Madrid, Spain.
+34 914 483 104

Hope this short vintage stores list gives you a little sneak peek of Madrid's vintage scene. After vintage shopping, just take a break in one of the cafes in the area. So convenient and your vintage shopping itinerary can be easily sorted.

Till my next post, stay chic! Hasta pronto!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

lolina vintage café @ malasaña

Lolina - front
One of my favourite barrios in Madrid is Malasaña. It is full of restaurants, cafes and second hand or vintage shops too. It is an ideal meeting place for hipsters. If you ever in Madrid, do stop by to check it out.

My favourite café in Malasaña is Lolina Vintage Café. The café is decorated with vintage or retro furniture. If you are into vintage furniture, you will definitely love this place! I will just let the photos speak for themselves...

Lolina - sofa

Lolina - seats

Lolina - seats 2

Lolina - bar

Lolina - cafe n cake

After a hard day of walking around the city and checking out nearby vintage stores, I stopped by here for a break; enjoying a nice cup of latte and a yummy slice of red velvet cake.... Yuummmm...... so scrumptious.

Espíritu Santo, 9 - Malasaña - Madrid
Tel: +34 91 523 5859

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, until my next post, stay chic!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

outfit post: vintage outfit takes a stroll in the park in madrid

Barcelona; ticked, Segovia; ticked, Toledo; ticked; that means left Madrid to be explored. I spent the remaining days of my holiday in this vibrant city. Whilst there are many art museums in Madrid but did you know there is a museum of costume or museo del traje? The permanent exhibition showcases a historical evolution of costumefrom the 17th century to the present day. There is a small section dedicated to the Spanish renowned designer; Cristóbal Balenciaga. Would highly recommend this museum for fashion lovers.

museo del traje
Address: Avenida de Juan de Herrera, 2. Madrid, 28040.
Moncloa (lines 3 and 6) and Ciudad Universitaria (line 6)
Bus: Lines 46, 82, 83, 84, 132, 133, G
Admission fee: 3 Euros
Opening hours:
- Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 - 19:00 h.
- Sundays and Public Holidays: 10:00 - 15:00 h.
- Last admission 30 minutes before the Museum closes

The Museum is closed:
- Every Monday, 1 and 6 January, 1 May, 15 May, 24, 25 and 31 December

Note: no photography is allowed in the museum

Outfit post 1

Outfit post 2

Outfit post 3
Outfit: small polka dots shirt, thrifted vintage skirt, thrifted vintage belt, leather jacket and wedge sneakers
Location: Palacio de Cristal, Parque de el Retiro

Besides art museums and museums, there are several parks in Madrid. Park is a good place to recharge and for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Grab a bocadillo (sandwich) and enjoy a quick bite in a park. Once you are done, you can people watch too. The park is huge with different attractions within the park itself, for instance the Crystal Palace.  Buen Retiro park is a-must visit and I could not agree more.

Hope you having a wonderful weekend. Stay chic!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

outfit post: stripes meet anchors in toledo

5 View from Mirador del Valle
Toledo, view from Mirador del Valle

2 View from Puente Alcantara

View from Puente de Alcántara

After Segovia, next city on my itinerary was Toledo. There is an old Spanish saying; until you've seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain. Toledo is known as City of Three Cultures because of the historical co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews cultures. It is a lovely city to visit with beautiful architecture, narrow streets for wandering and getting lost and also not forgetting the scrumptious food. Toledo is indeed not to be missed when you are in Spain!

Outfit post Toledo 1

Outfit post Toledo 2

Outfit post Toledo 3
outfit: stripes top, thrifted vintage belt, vintage nautical prints pleated skirt, leather jacket and wedge sneakers

A habit of mine which is I tend to keep newly bought clothes (either new, thrifted or vintage) for some time before wearing them. To be honest, I have this skirt for over 4 years and it has never seen the light. However, I did the skirt justice; not only it has seen the light but also travelled to Spain. What a lucky skirt, don't you think? I love the prints of anchors on the skirt, just a cute print.

If you have a habit like mine, what is the clothing item that you have kept the longest before wearing it? I think I should start checking my wardrobe for any lost souls...

Have a great weekend everyone, until my next post, stay chic!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

outfit post: the segovian holiday

After Barcelona, I travelled to Madrid and spent the remaining days of my holiday in Madrid and nearby cities. One of the nearby cities is Segovia; under 30 minutes AVE train ride. Perfect for a day trip from Madrid.

Two main attractions that I love are the Alcázar of Segovia and the Aqueduct. Doesn't the Alcázar look like one of the palaces featured in Disney's animation or cartoon? Currently it is used as a museum and a military archives building. It was originally built as a fortress but has served a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military. As for the Aqueduct, it is the most magnificent landmark of Segovia. It was built during the Roman era and was used to transport water from the Rio Frio river to the city. The Aqueduct measures 14.965 meters long from its origin in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. It has 166 arches.

Outfit post Segovia 1

Outfit post Segovia 2

Outfit post Segovia 3
Outfit: vintage top, thrifted skirt, leather jacket and wedge sneakers

My outfit was inspired by Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday; white shirt with circle skirt. A simple yet classic look. However, on second thought, my look is kind of reminded me of the guys in Grease; black leather jacket, white t-shirt and blue denims. What a funny coincidence, don't you think?

Do you have any funny fashion coincidences? Feel free to share!

Till my next post, have a great weekend and stay chic.