Saturday, March 31, 2012

dressing up for fun

31 mar 3

31 mar 1
the look: vintage dress, vintage brooch, thrifted belt, DIY birdcage veil and strappy sandals

I think I was slightly overdressed today. I put on a DIY birdcage veil / fascinator, which I made last year. Almost everyone I met thought I would be attending a posh party later today. I just smiled and said no. Maybe it was good to dress up a bit just for the fun of it or to break the mundane of life.

When was the last time you dressed up for no particular reason, well, mainly just for fun or the feel of dressing up a little?

Friday, March 30, 2012

fashion project: DIY peter pan collar

Remember the DIY scalloped peter pan collar that I mentioned in my post on Wednesday? In this post, I will share how to make it. Ready? Here we go...

what u need

What you need:
Template of the collar - click here to download. 

1 cut template of collar

Download template of the collar. Print and cut the collar.

2 pin collar on felt
Place the templates on the felt and cut accordingly.

3 punch holes

Using the puncher, punch holes in the center of each scallop on each collar piece.

4 sew button

Overlap the wider ends of the collar in order for the first holes line up. Put the button over the aligning holes and stitch it in position from the back side.

5 attach ribbon

Thread one ribbon (at least 20 cm) through the last hole on the tapered end of one collar, fold the tip of the ribbon and stitch it. Another option is to use a glue gun, to glue the bit together. Repeat on the other collar.

6 apply nail polish

In order to minimise fraying of the other end of the ribbon, paint nail polish (preferably transparent) on the tip.

7 finished collar

Here is the finished collar. 

What do you think? Quite easy to make, don't you think? Give it a try and have fun with the project.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

Lucky, November 2011

Thursday, March 29, 2012

outfits for spring

outing outfit 3

shopping or thrifting adventure with girlfriends

outing outfit 2

work lunch/dinner

outing outfit 1
going to the movie

Let's celebrate the arrival of spring with beautiful palette of beautiful and bright colours! Here, I have put together three different outfits for different activities. I just love how the bright colours pop from the outfits when paired with grey.

Do you have any particular favourite spring colour(s) for your outfits?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what have i missed?

28 mar 1

28 mar 2
the look: vintage dress, thrifted belt, oxford heels and DIY peter pan collar

I am back! Sorry for missing in action again. This was due some technical issues. How was your weekend? Great, I hope. Mine was good. I had the chance to catch up on a DIY fashion project, which is DIY scalloped peter pan collar. Isn't the collar adorable? I learnt this from Lucky (my favourte fashion magazine). Stay tuned for a post on how to make this cute collar!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

simple and minimal

23 mar 1

23 mar 2
The look: vintage top, shorts, thrifted bag and flat oxfords

I hardly wear coloured tights/stockings but lately I enjoyed checking out different colours of tights/stockings, from baby blue to coral to grey. Oh they are so lovely. Here I experimented to wear pair a burgundy colour tights/stockings with my outfit for the day. This is rather a very simple and minimal outfit as I would like the colours to speak for themselves. What do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 23, 2012

my room



Bed and wooden stool as bedside table

Metal desk and low cabinet

Dresser cum cabinet

I have posted an entry on my room early this month (click here). Now, I am ready to reveal my room (at least 95% put together). Still need some finishing touches. One of the desk lamps need to replace its lamp shade, wooden stools needs to be painted and to change bed sheets. The low cabinet is a new addition and it was purchased few weeks after I purchased the dresser cum cabinet and metal typist desk.

What do you think of my room?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

birthday wishlist

birthday outfit wishlist 3

birthday outfit wishlist 2

birthday outfit wishlist 1

Although my birthday has passed, I have been thinking or setting my (so-called) shopping treats. I guess, as I have passed few different stages of life and now I am at the stage to appreciate a bit of luxury. Besides saving for rainy days, I think I would save (a lot) for these splurges - vintage Chanel brooches, earrings and handbags and vintage Ferragamo shoes. Pretty expensive taste? I guess so.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pre, actual and ....

My apologies for not posting any entries lately. I celebrated my birthday recently with loved ones. Celebration started since last Saturday and ended yesterday. I had a great time in great company of family member and friends whilst enjoying yummy food...

17 mar 1

17 mar 2
pre-celebration look: vintage white blouse, cardigan, thrifted belt, vintage brooch, pants, thrifted granny loafer

19 mar 1

19 mar 2
actual celebration look: thrifted blouse, thrifted belt, pants, oxford flats, necklaces

How was your weekend or week so far? Hope everything goes well. It is already middle of the week and two more days to the weekend. Oh boy, how time flies so fast...

Friday, March 16, 2012

how is a Chanel jacket is made?

screen shot from

Have you ever wonder how is a Chanel jacket is made? I guess picture (video) speaks a thousand words, so, click here to watch.

Weekend is here! Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

(so-called) spring outfits

spring is here! 3

spring is here! 2

spring is here! 1

Although it is always summer here, I am glad to see other fashionistas or fashion bloggers' spring outfits or spring inspirations. It is great to see colourful (spring/summer colour palette) outfits for a change. Here, I have put together three so-called spring outfits.

On another note, weekend is around the corner. Yay! Any exciting plans for the weekend? I have not thought of my plans for the weekend. Perhaps stay in and relax at home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

buttons on the move: Singapore II

outfit for the day (11 Mar)

outfit for the day (11 Mar)
the look: tank top, vintage skirt, weave belt, thrifted granny loafers, thrifted bag

On the second day of outing, I did a bit touristy thing. I snapped photos of the Merlion. Merlion is a well-known mascot of Singapore. So, it is a spot not to be missed if you would like to show anyone that you have been to Singapore!

titanic: the artifact exhibition

From the park, my friend and I walked to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. It was about 20 to 25 minutes walk and we enjoyed the scenery of the Bayfront whilst walking. Soon after the walk, we were at the entrance of the museum. At last, a place with air conditioning was just we needed. We went in and purchased tickets. Admissions ticket is S$24.

Boarding pass

From the brochure

As we entered the exhibition gallery, each of us was given a boarding pass with details of a passenger of RMS Titanic. We were advised to cross check the name on the boarding pass with the name lists on memorial gallery.

The exhibition took us through the life journey of Titanic, from the birth of the idea to built Titanic, its constructions, its magnificent and luxurious interior to cater first class passengers to simple interior for third class passengers, to iceberg warning, to its fatal tragedy and conservation work. Artifacts of related theme will be displayed.

My favourite part of the exhibition is the promenade deck. At this section, the moonless night with many stars was created using black cloth and LED lights as stars. Special lights were used to emulate the movement of the sea and special effect sound of waves was aired. I felt like I was on the ship!

Throughout the exhibition, I had mixed feelings of overwhelmed and sadness. Overwhelmed with the greatness of Titanic and sad because of the tragedy. Remember the boarding pass which was given at the beginning of the exhibition? I checked and I 'survived'.

It was a great exhibition and I would suggest any history lovers or anyone to visit the exhibition.

haji lane

a random shot of a shop @ haji lane

Dulcetfig @ haji lane

After lunch, we headed to Haji Lane to check out a vintage shop, Dulcetfig. It sells its own label items as well as vintage apparels, accessories. In terms of price range, I would say it is pricey after conversion, for example S$89 for a piece of vintage dress. I saw three Ettiene Aigner handbags in the shop and if I remembered correctly one of the bags costs S$109.

I had a great time in Singapore although I did not score anything in thrifting department. I just wish I have more time so I could check out the rest of the SA family thrift stores. Perhaps, next time?

Hope you have enjoyed reading the posts of my trip as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Happy mid-week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

buttons on the move: Singapore I

outfit for the day (10 Mar)

outfit for the day (10 Mar)
the look: vintage top, short pants, thrifted granny loafers, scarf as headband

The last time I was in Singapore was about 6-7 years ago. It was a very short visit as the main destination at that time was Batam Island, Indonesia. From Singapore, my friends and I took a ferry to Batam Island. Singapore was not on my holiday destination list until I learnt that there is an exhibition on Titanic artifacts. And at the same time, it would be good to check out thrifting spots.

First thrifting spot I visited was Upper Serangoon Family Thrift Store. For full listing of family thrift stores, visit this link. I picked this store due to its proximity to MRT station (Woodleigh) and there is a bus stop within few minutes walk from the store.

SA thrift store
Store at Upper Serangoon Road

SA family thrift store clothes 1

SA family thrift store clothes 2

SA family thrift store shoes

The store is well managed with items are neatly placed on shelves and items are categorized properly; shoes, ladies clothes, books, toys so on and so forth. I am amazed with the size of the store; a two-storey building. Bigger than the thrift stores I have been in Malaysia. I came across with a pair of Chanel pumps, a pair of Anne Klein pumps, a pair of D&G pumps and couple of Charles and Keith shoes. Too bad none of these were in my size or my liking. As for bags, there is a Charles Jourdan bag, which I think it is from 1980s.

Next stop was Thieves' Market at Pitt Street. Prior to this trip, I was luck enough to come across upon a post on Thieves' Market by Cute Granny Vintage.

pitt street

How to get there? For first timer like myself, I used this site, recommended by my friend, to find my ways to places in Singapore. One can alight either at Little India MRT station or Bugis MRT station and then walk to Pitt Street.

Most items displayed were old electrical goods, clothes, shoes, watches etc. Perhaps on that day, I was not so lucky to come across with cool vintage or old items at Pitt Street.

And for those who enjoy shopping, perhaps you would like to check out Bugis Village, near Bugis MRT station.

bugis village

It houses many clothes (Hong Kong or Korean fashion). shoes and accessories outlets. Goods are sold at reasonable price, as low as S$10 for a top or S$9.90 for a pair of shoes/sandals. Still great deals even after currency conversion.

It was tiring but fun exploring all these new places for thrifting and shopping even though I left each place empty-handed...

Monday, March 12, 2012

sneak peek: my holiday

I am back from my holiday! It was a rather short but good break. I was in Singapore to visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition which is currently held at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. As usual, I would fit in (few) thrifting spots onto my to-visit list. Stay tuned for more posts on my holiday.

Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!