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buttons on the move: Singapore I

outfit for the day (10 Mar)

outfit for the day (10 Mar)
the look: vintage top, short pants, thrifted granny loafers, scarf as headband

The last time I was in Singapore was about 6-7 years ago. It was a very short visit as the main destination at that time was Batam Island, Indonesia. From Singapore, my friends and I took a ferry to Batam Island. Singapore was not on my holiday destination list until I learnt that there is an exhibition on Titanic artifacts. And at the same time, it would be good to check out thrifting spots.

First thrifting spot I visited was Upper Serangoon Family Thrift Store. For full listing of family thrift stores, visit this link. I picked this store due to its proximity to MRT station (Woodleigh) and there is a bus stop within few minutes walk from the store.

SA thrift store
Store at Upper Serangoon Road

SA family thrift store clothes 1

SA family thrift store clothes 2

SA family thrift store shoes

The store is well managed with items are neatly placed on shelves and items are categorized properly; shoes, ladies clothes, books, toys so on and so forth. I am amazed with the size of the store; a two-storey building. Bigger than the thrift stores I have been in Malaysia. I came across with a pair of Chanel pumps, a pair of Anne Klein pumps, a pair of D&G pumps and couple of Charles and Keith shoes. Too bad none of these were in my size or my liking. As for bags, there is a Charles Jourdan bag, which I think it is from 1980s.

Next stop was Thieves' Market at Pitt Street. Prior to this trip, I was luck enough to come across upon a post on Thieves' Market by Cute Granny Vintage.

pitt street

How to get there? For first timer like myself, I used this site, recommended by my friend, to find my ways to places in Singapore. One can alight either at Little India MRT station or Bugis MRT station and then walk to Pitt Street.

Most items displayed were old electrical goods, clothes, shoes, watches etc. Perhaps on that day, I was not so lucky to come across with cool vintage or old items at Pitt Street.

And for those who enjoy shopping, perhaps you would like to check out Bugis Village, near Bugis MRT station.

bugis village

It houses many clothes (Hong Kong or Korean fashion). shoes and accessories outlets. Goods are sold at reasonable price, as low as S$10 for a top or S$9.90 for a pair of shoes/sandals. Still great deals even after currency conversion.

It was tiring but fun exploring all these new places for thrifting and shopping even though I left each place empty-handed...

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