Wednesday, July 18, 2012

outfit post and notice

18 july 1

18 july 2
the look: vintage top, thrifted skirt, weave belt, thrifted granny loafers

Sorry my long absence. I was unwell last weekend and currently I occupied with my move. Another move? Yes, another move. At the moment, I will be secretive about this move. I have been running up and down to get things sorted. Sadly, I would not be able to blog as frequent as before. But I hope I would be able to do as soon as I have settled down. 

Till then, stay chic everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

beach scenery tote bag again...

11 july 1

11 july 3
the look: vintage top, vintage skirt, thrifted belt, thrifted granny loafers, bead necklace

At the moment, I can not stop using this cute tote bag. I pair the bag with almost every (suitable) outfits. And for yesterday's outfit, it complemented the colour of the outfit - blue and beige. The bag worth every ringgit I spent on it, although it did not cost a lot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

kaw kaw burger bakar and pre-loved designer bag

Happy Tuesday and hope everyone had a lovely weekend. How time flies when you are having fun and I have missed a post yesterday. As I work on Saturdays, 'my weekend' consists of Sunday only. Let me share with you how I spent last Sunday.

kaw kaw burger

Frankly, I am not a food fanatic, meaning someone who would travel far just to have great food. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar was an exception. I had this yummy burger for dinner. Don't you think by looking at the photo is making you hungry?


And out of the sudden or shall I say impulse, I have purchased a pre-loved designer bag through an online bundle blogshop. It is a nice bag for work, don't you think? Hhm... this is just an excuse for my impulsive indulgence. Never cross my mind that I would purchase this brand. Anyway this was my first time purchase via online bundle blogshop. And it can be pretty stressful in a way especially to ensure the bag is authentic. I surfed the Internet for hours to look for information, photos. I even obtained authentication from the Purse Forum. Phew... the bag is authentic. In a nutshell, this whole experience has made me to learn more about this particular designer brand, which I am not familiar with in the first place. Will I purchase from online bundle blogshop again? Hhhmm... it depends. But what I know for sure right now, is that my shopping or thrifting budget is totally off the track.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

beach scenery canvas tote bag

7 july 1

7 july 2

7 july 3
the look: vintage top, vintage skirt, vintage brooch, vintage heels, elastic belt, thrifted bag

I am loving this beach scenery canvas tote bag which I picked up from SA thrift store. I have been this adorable tote bag few days in a row. I love to put all of my stuff inside this bag; purse, mobile phone, keys, facial tissue papers pack, coin purse etc. Hhmm... maybe I will hold on to this bag for a while whilst looking for another (leather) tote bag. 

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

polyvore: ysl bags

ysl bag 3

ysl bag 2

ysl bag 1

Only recently I have began to like YSL bags. I like its clean and simple designs. And how the Y shape is cleverly outlined on bags. Another designer to put on my list. And I am wondering if I should look for vintage YSL bags for my vintage bags collection... hhmm...

It is Friday and hope you will have a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

lovin my bags and bag spa experience


Good news! Lovin My Bags is now available in Malaysia since April 2012. Some of you might ask what is Lovin My Bags? I learnt about Lovin My Bags through a website selling vintage Chanel bags. Lovin My Bags (LMB) offers handbag care products and handbag cleaning service.

I bought a vintage Chanel bag few months ago and the bag needed some cleaning. There was stain on the back of the bag. At first, I wrote to LMB in US to check if they ship internationally for their products and I was so happy to find out that there would be a store in Malaysia soon. I waited patiently for the store to be opened to send my vintage Chanel bag for cleaning. 

I checked in my bag for a bag spa. Initially I was advised that they would be able to clean about 80% of the stain thus it would not look 100% new. And I agreed with that knowing that the stain has set for probably a long time I purchased it. 

However, Lydia, the principal/director of LMB Malaysia, decided to send the bag to US for further cleaning after the Malaysian crew has cleaned the bag. According to Lydia, she was not happy with the outcome of the first round of cleaning. After about three months, I was informed that my bag was ready for collection. And I can not wait to see the outcome....

back bag
before checking in bag spa

after back
after bag spa

I am so thrilled to see my cleaned bag. Well, wouldn't you? The bag looks brand new. A big thank you to Lydia and her team for going the extra mile for my bag. Much appreciated.



In order to take care of vintage Chanel bag, I was advised to purchase Most Delicate range as this range is designated for delicate leather such as lambskin. As for Antibacterial Cleaner, it is an additional product and it was a gift. 

For more information on Lovin My Bags, click here, and for contact details of LMB Malaysia, click here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

another vintage floral skirt

4 july 1

4 july 2
the look: thrifted top, vintage floral skirt, vintage belt, thrifted granny loafers, thrifted brooch

Yet another unaltered vintage skirt. I think at some point, I need to keep some or few untouched vintage skirts.Or perhaps when I feel like to shorten the skirt, I might shorten it in the future. Anyway, what I like about this floral skirt is the watercolour like effect floral print. 

It is middle of the week and two more days to the weekend- yay!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sailor inspired vintage dress and new acquisitions

3 july 1

3 july 2
the look: vintage sailor inspired vintage dress, thrifted belt, canvas shoes, socks, thrifted hat (as prop)

The 1Malaysia Mega Sale is on now. Sale signs are everywhere. Hhmm... this means temptations are everywhere too. Besides thrifting, I enjoy ocassional sale or bargain hunting. Few weeks back I had few so-called window shopping trips but later turned out to be actual shopping...


Expanding my tights collection.

metallic silver shoes

Adding metallic silver shoes into my shoes collection.

vintage inspired dress

1930s/1940s inspired dress. A much coveted dress (well, at least for me).

On another note, chic4less is having sale until 8 July. Click here to check it out. Have a good and productive week everyone!