Tuesday, July 10, 2012

kaw kaw burger bakar and pre-loved designer bag

Happy Tuesday and hope everyone had a lovely weekend. How time flies when you are having fun and I have missed a post yesterday. As I work on Saturdays, 'my weekend' consists of Sunday only. Let me share with you how I spent last Sunday.

kaw kaw burger

Frankly, I am not a food fanatic, meaning someone who would travel far just to have great food. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar was an exception. I had this yummy burger for dinner. Don't you think by looking at the photo is making you hungry?


And out of the sudden or shall I say impulse, I have purchased a pre-loved designer bag through an online bundle blogshop. It is a nice bag for work, don't you think? Hhm... this is just an excuse for my impulsive indulgence. Never cross my mind that I would purchase this brand. Anyway this was my first time purchase via online bundle blogshop. And it can be pretty stressful in a way especially to ensure the bag is authentic. I surfed the Internet for hours to look for information, photos. I even obtained authentication from the Purse Forum. Phew... the bag is authentic. In a nutshell, this whole experience has made me to learn more about this particular designer brand, which I am not familiar with in the first place. Will I purchase from online bundle blogshop again? Hhhmm... it depends. But what I know for sure right now, is that my shopping or thrifting budget is totally off the track.


  1. hi kak found your pic here on facebook..lol at the vintage vest! you seem to be everywhere (i mean any vintage event) https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/398539_365338816809859_1722564192_n.jpg

    1. thanks for sharing. where is photo from - whose facebook page?

  2. Ahhh i forgot kak! i was browsing the internet last night opening like 100+ tabs in one window and it crash and i don't bother re-opening anymore LOL. i like to view pictures and article per tab hence the 100+ I think it was like a vintage seller :S