Sunday, February 28, 2010

My new obsession - boyfriend blazer Part I

I am not a blazer person. Blazer, to me, it is always related to formal or business attire. Serious and perhaps boring. Of course, there are casual blazers as well with trendy details such as ruffles or studs. Not sure what has happened, all the sudden, I am into boyfriend blazer.

With no knowledge at all in 'How-to-wear' a boyfriend (BF) blazer, I have begun doing some research:

From: - it mentioned two rules for BF blazer - firstly, make it oversize (one size up from your size) but the blazer should not swallow you. Secondly, roll up the sleeves for a relaxed look.

From: - it advised to pair BF blazer with little black dress as an alternative to a cardigan and to wear it with a simple tee with a statement necklace.

After reading all the tips, I mustered all my courage to give this look a try. For your information, I am a petite and to achieve this look maybe tricky. Definitely need to wear heels when I am wearing a BF blazer.

The next thing to do was to look for an affordable BF blazer. I have been searching for couple of day before I have decided to purchase online from Pretty Happy Things. I ordered a black BF blazer and it would be delivered by early next week.

I am excited about it, can't wait to receive and experiment with it. I bet it will be a fun experience experimenting this look. On another note, BF blazer is spotted as one of the in trends for spring summer 2010. Good timing, eh?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Que Sera, Sera

Today's entry is not totally about fashion as per se. It is about a little incident before Chinese New Year holiday.

I have been eying a turquoise necklace for couple of weeks already. It was on sale and it was quite cheap. For the first two times when I checked out the necklace, it was still on the shelf. However, I did not get it during my second visit to the store. The reason was I have to many necklaces and I do not think I need another one although it was a different colour from the ones I have. I said to myself, if I came for the third time and the necklace is still on the shelf, I would buy it.

One day before going back to Ipoh for Chinese New Year, my friend from work and I went to a nearby mall to shop. Actually I was accompanying her to shop for some items for Chinese New Year performance on Friday. We went into the shop which sells the turquoise necklace I have my eyes on. "Oh gosh, it's still here," I said to myself. The necklace was sort of waiting for me to purchase and take it home. Without thinking any further to debate whether to buy or not, I picked it up and headed to the cashier to pay.

There is a saying in Chinese, if it belongs to you, it will be yours. If it is not, it would not be yours. I wonder, that incident involved only a necklace, what about in other contexts? Job opportunities special one, hitting jackpot or lottery? In bigger context, is this what they called fate, luck or just purely coincidences?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tips from Greta Monahan from Rachel Ray Show

Whilst enjoying my Chinese New Year holiday in my hometown, I watched Rachel Ray show one fine morning. One of the segments was on fashion tips by Greta Monahan, she helped to organise a guest's wardrobe which was full of clothes and accessories and she faced 'I don't have anything to wear' problem.

First of all, Greta took all the clothes and accessories out from the wardrobe. Next, she used special tags to label different categories of clothes; top, bottom, etc. My favourite bit is how she differentiated normal clothes from special occasions clothes. She used the word 'WOW' for special clothes. What a coincidence! My sis and I have been using that word since last year when purchasing clothes. We buy only 'WOW' clothes. No point buying clothes without the WOW effect.

Another useful tip I picked up from the show is that to have at least five sets of 'ready-to-go 'clothes. What are 'ready-to-go' clothes? These are the fool proof sets - top and bottom paired with accessories. You can never go wrong with these. This saves time and lessen your headache when it comes to getting ready for work, for example. Just grab one of these set, put them on and you are ready to go to work.

I find the tips given are useful and relevant. Now, it is just a matter of time to clear and organise my wardrobe. I bet there maybe hidden treasures that need to be unearthed.