Monday, April 29, 2013

marc jacobs diet coke

diet coke - marc jacobs

diet coke - marc jacobs limited edition

When I first heard or read about Marc Jacobs becoming Coca-cola's Creative Director for its Diet Coke line in 2013, I was so excited. Although I am not Coca-Cola collector, I could not resist these.... Inspiration of the design is based on the rise of female empowerment through different decades; eighties, nineties and noughties. Can you guess which is which? Or which is your favourite design?

On a different note, I am very grateful and thankful to have a very good colleague who helped me to get these :) How lucky am I!

Monday, April 22, 2013

new additions

leaves printed dress

white top

These are my latest additions or perhaps I should say one new item for my wardrobe. The golden leaves print dress is so lovely that I could not resist to purchase it! And I was lucky to find it on HK$10 rack.Whilst the white top is for fashion project. Last weekend, I wanted to spend some time on a fashion project but I had to attend something else instead. Hope I have more time to spend on fashion project in these few weeks.

Hope you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

not so vintage-y outfit...

20 april 1

20 april 2
the look: top, vintage blazer, thrifted belt, jeans, boots

This is not very vintage-y look or outfit but a mix and match of contemporary and vintage (the white blazer). It has been drizzling, raining and cloudy, which is depressing. I thought a bit of colour would add a bit fun. The mint top is a recent purchase from H&M. The vintage white blazer makes the ensemble more polished; not just t-shirt and jeans. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, April 15, 2013

a brief shopping experience in hanoi

made in vietnam shop 1

made in vietnam shop 2

When I was in Hanoi, I did not make any effort look for any thrift store, flea market or as such. It was purely sight seeing trip.However, I came across few of Made in Vietnam shops. These shops are more or less like outlet shops, whereby excess street fashion and some designers stocks are sold. Whether these are original stocks or not, I am unable to tell.

Friday, April 12, 2013

back from holiday...

map, guide book and hat

bicycle and paddy field

Vietnamese coffee and cake - yummy combination

Hiya. Sorry for missing in the action for a while. I was away for a holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam. Riding bike in the village, surrounded by paddy fields. Drinking Vietnamese coffee everyday... What a bliss!

Blogging will resume as normal soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 1, 2013

notebook makeover

Finally, I have a little bit of time to fix my distressed notebook. It was a gift and I left the notebook untouched for over two year, I think. When I remembered about it and wanted to use to it, the cover is cracking and peeling but the pages are still good condition. The notebook still can be used but the cover needed a bit of work. Here is the notebook makeover...

what u need 1

what u need 2

What you need:

Fabric stickers
A pair of scissors
Measuring tape
Paper - optional 
Thread and needle (not in the above photo)
Double sided tape (not in the above photo)

1 take measurement

Take measurement of the notebook; front and back.

2 transfer measurement

Transfer the measurements onto the fabric stickers.

3 cut

Cut accordingly. 

4 stick

4 a stick

4 b stick

Stick fabric stickers onto the cover. 

5 add ribbon

Stick the ribbon using a piece of fabric sticker;1.5 inch X 2 inch.

6 stitch ribbon

At the end of the ribbon, fold and stitch to prevent the end from fraying. 

7 inner page

7 b inner page

For a neater finish inside of the notebook, paste an empty onto the inside front cover and onto the inside back cover.

8 finished product

The makeover has finished and the notebook is ready to be used!

What do you think? This is a simple makeover, isn't it? Hope this is useful and helpful. 

Have a good week ahead and happy trying!