Saturday, April 28, 2012

floral dress, pink belt and a pair of turquoise shoes

28 apr 1

28 apr 2
the look: vintage dress, belt, kitten heels

Inspired by my polyvore spring ensembles, here is my outfit for the day. A simple outfit with lovely colours of pink, blue and green. To add a bit 'wow' factor into the ensemble, I wear a pair of turquoise kitten heels and put on a pink belt. I just let the colours do its magic work... 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far. I am looking forward to couple days off from work to chill out.

Friday, April 27, 2012

ipoh heritage trail 2

I do not know why I did not make an entry on Ipoh Heritage Trail 2 after the post on Ipoh Heritage Trail back in February. Only recently that I noticed I have missed it out. Please take note this is another incomplete heritage trail (besides the DIY KL heritage trail). 
Buildings not in this post are Yau Tat Shin Mansion, Straits Trading Company Warehouses, Eu Yan Sang (36-38 Leech Street), Paloh Ku Miao Temple, Chinese Wholesale District, Wan Muhammad Saleh Mausoleum, Dato' Seri Adika Raja's House, Home for Destitute Boys, Kampung Kuchai Houses, Malay House (Kampung Kuchai), Malay House (off Jalan Mesjid) and Malay School (off Jalan Mesjid). Now, come to think of it, as I am writing this post, the reason why I did not post an entry on this trail is because I do not have photos for quite a number of buildings - almost half of them form the trail!

Anyhow, here are photos of building that I managed to come across and a map of the trail.

 Ipoh Heritage Trail map

  Oversea Building 

 Ambika Estate Office 

Star Printing Works 

Pakistani Mosque

 Little India District

Kinta Aerated Water

Gabbled Shophouses

Sin Yoon Loong

 Eu Yan Sang (2 Birch Street)

 Kampong Paloh Mosque

Warta Kinta Office

Dato' Panglima Kinta Mosque

I have to admit that I really enjoy going for heritage trails. Must have been bitten by heritage trails bug, I guess. Hhmm... which is my next heritage trail adventure - Penang or Malacca?

Weekend is here, yay! And have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

in the mood for colours

colours 3

colours 2

colours 1

Colours inspired these (polyvore) outfits for today. Oh how I wish I own clothes, shoes and bags in many different colours or palettes (and yet have ample storage space for them). Name any colour and I have it either in the form of clothes, shoes or bags. Who would not wish for an extensive collection of clothes, shoes and bags in different colours?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

mark these dates

Hello fellow thriftaholics and vintage lovers! Two interesting upcoming events not to be missed; KL Vintage Festival 2 and Red Crescent Charity Bazaar 2012. One event is to support our vintage scene whilst the other event is for charitable cause. Come and show your support! KL Vintage Festival 2 will be held on 5th May at Lot 153, Jalan Ampang (behind Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurant) from 11.00 am to 11.45 pm and the Red Crescent Charity Bazaar will be held on 5th and 6th May at Rivercity from 10 am to 10 pm.

These two events are very tempting and I am not sure which one to attend... hhmmm perhaps both events... What about you? Which event would you attend?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(an almost complete) kl heritage trail

One day I thought to myself, "Since I have done two Ipoh heritage trails (which reminds me, trail two is yet to be posted here), why don't I try to go for KL heritage trail? Good idea, no?" Indeed a great idea! Soon, I started to google for KL heritage trail and found couple recommended trails. 

I started my trail from Masjid Jamek and walked towards Dataran Mederka along Jalan Tun Perak. At the junction, I turned to Jalan Raja.Buildings along this stretch of road are Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture buildings, Panggung Bandaraya, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Old Post Office (photo not in this post).

masjid jamek
Masjid Jamek 

sessions and magistrate courts
Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (Old Sessions and Magistrate Courts) 

old city hall
Panggung Bandaraya (Old City Hall)

high court building
Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (Old High Court)

sultan abdul samad building
 Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Then I crossed the road, heading towards to the green turf (Dataran Mederka). On my right is the Cathedral of St. Mary and few metres ahead there is a building in black and white. This is the Royal Selangor Club.

cathedral of st mary
Cathedral of St. Mary

royal selangor club
Royal Selangor Club

I walked along Jalan Raja until I reached the junction with Lebuh Pasar Besar. Right in front of me, on the left side of the road is the Textile Museum and Warisan Restaurant is opposite the museum. Next to the restaurant is the KL city gallery which was Government Printing Office.

textile museum
Textile Museum (Federated Malay States Railway)

restauran warisan
Warisan Restaurant (Chartered Bank)

KL city gallery
KL city gallery (Government Printing Office)

Next, I walked heading to Medan Pasar but I detoured at Loke Yew building to take a photo of the industrial court building.

industrial court
Industrial Court

clock tower
Shoplots and clock tower at Medan Pasar

Once I have reached Medan Pasar, I wandered off to many different places; Petaling Street, Kota Raya, Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to name a few. There are so many lovely buildings in the city! For more photos of other buildings taken during this trail, click here.

It was an indeed an interesting and fun outing. I think I have missed two buildings; Central Market and KL railway station and that it is the reason why I named this post (an almost complete) KL heritage trail. Or perhaps, I might have left out couple more buildings?

If you have done any version of KL heritage trails, please feel free to share.


Monday, April 23, 2012

thrifted finds

find 1

find 2

Hello everyone! Hope you are well and had a great weekend. Mine was good as I have altered some of my vintage dresses. So, more options to choose for outfit posts. Yay!

Oh boy, I am so tired! Why? Because I went on a DIY KL heritage trail this morning. But today's post is on my finds, will share the trail soon. In between all the walking and snapping photos, I went to a bundle store in Kota Raya for a sort of break and to get away from the heat. Lace collar - checked, polka dots - checked, within my budget - checked and that is how the top ended into my bag (of course need to check out at the cashier before going home). Whilst the trench coat is an investment piece for any future trips. Indeed a lucky find for me!

Have a good week ahead and stay stylish!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

a little of pink

21 apr 1

21 apr 2
the look: vintage dress, DIY fascinator, coloured tights, oxford heels

new collection of coloured tights

I have started to acquire coloured tights recently (or are they called stockings as well?). I purchased a pair of mustard tights and the other two lovely pairs are gifts. I am not a tights person but this is my third attempt to put together an attire with tights. And the responses I received for today's outfit were mostly 'Wow, pink tights?!?'

Friday, April 20, 2012

fashion project: old top, new look

Bored with the same old top and wanted to give it a second life? This little project might be for you. I have decided to chop off some length and detach the sleeves to give one of my vintage tops a whole new and fresh look. Ready? Here we go...

what u need

What you need:

A top
Seam ripper
Measuring tape
Tailoring chalk (not in the above photo)
Tracing paper (not in the above photo)
Tracer (not in the above photo)
Sewing machine

1 detach sleeves
Reverse the top from right side to wrong side. Detach the sleeves using seam ripper.

2 measure
Using measuring tape, measure how much allowance to take in on the shoulder. In my case, it is 1 inch. This step is optional, ignore this step if the shoulder fits well.

3 draw arm hole line
Draw new armhole line following the old line using tailoring chalk.

4 trace line
For the other side, use tracing paper and tracer to mark stitching line.

5 side seams
As the top is slightly big for me, I reduce side seams by marking new seams.

6 bottom of top

Mark new length for the top. Remember to leave about 1.5 inches as allowance.

7 trim allowances
Leave about 1.5 cm allowance and cut the excess fabric.

8 trim bottom
Cut excess fabric on the bottom of the top.

9 pin side seam
Cut excess fabric on the side seams and pin on the marked line.

10 sew side seam
Following the marked line and pins, sew accordingly.

11 pin arm hole
Fold allowance on an arm hole and pin accordingly based on the marked line.

12 sew arm hole
Sew accordingly on both arm holes.

13 sew bottom
Repeat for the bottom part

finished top 
'New' top

Here is the finished top. Looks good, no? I can't wait to wear it. Hope this little project helps you in anyway and do drop me an email if you have questions in regards to this project. 

Have a great weekend everyone!