Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a little confession


cabinet cum dresser

low cabinet

Here is (sort of) a little confession. The above photos show how my vintages pieces are kept. I am kind of ashamed with how my vintage clothes are stored (folded and cramped onto shelves, not a pretty sight) whilst vintage bags, gloves and hat are nicely displayed in the glass door cabinet (refer third photo). I would love to hang all of my vintage clothes up but they are just too many and there is not enough hanging space in my wardrobe.

There is a process of storing my vintage clothes. I would separate  pieces that need alteration or fixing from 'OK' pieces. For 'OK' pieces, these will be washed and those need fixing will be stored in the cabinet cum dresser (refer second photo). These will be altered or fixed when I am free. 

The 'OK' pieces are kept in the wardrobe (refer first photo) and are segregated accordingly; top shelf - have not worn yet and the other two shelves - already worn. My bags, regardless, new or vintage, are kept at the bottom shelf. 

If you do not mind sharing, how do you keep your vintage pieces? 


  1. omg kak! you remind me of myself a lot! LOLOL are you me? ahaha
    here's wht i did... i dry cleaned all of vintage dresses which have special work done it like beadings, tassle, knit etc.. or for delicate garment.
    Then for the cotton fabric i sent to dobi for wash and fold.. some like full pleated skirts or pleated dress i sent for wash and iron. Everything dry clean and iron i hang (took me 3 closet! lol) evrything folded i store it in 4 large toyogo boxes. As for the hat, i store in 3 different hat boxes, luckily i still have enough space (though its very limited!) bags= one large toyogo box.. dont fancy much bags..heheh Then accessories like earrings i store it a medium size cardboard gift box. Necklaces i hung on the cupboard door.
    Gloves and sunglasses i store in a medium size toyogo. Fascinators and other headgear i store in another separate box. lol My life in boxes. legit

    For the unwash vintage clothes i just place in plastic.. lump everything up until dobi day..xD

  2. Btw i use to do like u did..until its time to get organized! lol pretty beaded bag u got there and the gorgeous precious hat! i still remember!

    1. thanks for sharing. i think i need to start organising soon!