Friday, April 27, 2012

ipoh heritage trail 2

I do not know why I did not make an entry on Ipoh Heritage Trail 2 after the post on Ipoh Heritage Trail back in February. Only recently that I noticed I have missed it out. Please take note this is another incomplete heritage trail (besides the DIY KL heritage trail). 
Buildings not in this post are Yau Tat Shin Mansion, Straits Trading Company Warehouses, Eu Yan Sang (36-38 Leech Street), Paloh Ku Miao Temple, Chinese Wholesale District, Wan Muhammad Saleh Mausoleum, Dato' Seri Adika Raja's House, Home for Destitute Boys, Kampung Kuchai Houses, Malay House (Kampung Kuchai), Malay House (off Jalan Mesjid) and Malay School (off Jalan Mesjid). Now, come to think of it, as I am writing this post, the reason why I did not post an entry on this trail is because I do not have photos for quite a number of buildings - almost half of them form the trail!

Anyhow, here are photos of building that I managed to come across and a map of the trail.

 Ipoh Heritage Trail map

  Oversea Building 

 Ambika Estate Office 

Star Printing Works 

Pakistani Mosque

 Little India District

Kinta Aerated Water

Gabbled Shophouses

Sin Yoon Loong

 Eu Yan Sang (2 Birch Street)

 Kampong Paloh Mosque

Warta Kinta Office

Dato' Panglima Kinta Mosque

I have to admit that I really enjoy going for heritage trails. Must have been bitten by heritage trails bug, I guess. Hhmm... which is my next heritage trail adventure - Penang or Malacca?

Weekend is here, yay! And have a great weekend everyone.

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