Friday, April 20, 2012

fashion project: old top, new look

Bored with the same old top and wanted to give it a second life? This little project might be for you. I have decided to chop off some length and detach the sleeves to give one of my vintage tops a whole new and fresh look. Ready? Here we go...

what u need

What you need:

A top
Seam ripper
Measuring tape
Tailoring chalk (not in the above photo)
Tracing paper (not in the above photo)
Tracer (not in the above photo)
Sewing machine

1 detach sleeves
Reverse the top from right side to wrong side. Detach the sleeves using seam ripper.

2 measure
Using measuring tape, measure how much allowance to take in on the shoulder. In my case, it is 1 inch. This step is optional, ignore this step if the shoulder fits well.

3 draw arm hole line
Draw new armhole line following the old line using tailoring chalk.

4 trace line
For the other side, use tracing paper and tracer to mark stitching line.

5 side seams
As the top is slightly big for me, I reduce side seams by marking new seams.

6 bottom of top

Mark new length for the top. Remember to leave about 1.5 inches as allowance.

7 trim allowances
Leave about 1.5 cm allowance and cut the excess fabric.

8 trim bottom
Cut excess fabric on the bottom of the top.

9 pin side seam
Cut excess fabric on the side seams and pin on the marked line.

10 sew side seam
Following the marked line and pins, sew accordingly.

11 pin arm hole
Fold allowance on an arm hole and pin accordingly based on the marked line.

12 sew arm hole
Sew accordingly on both arm holes.

13 sew bottom
Repeat for the bottom part

finished top 
'New' top

Here is the finished top. Looks good, no? I can't wait to wear it. Hope this little project helps you in anyway and do drop me an email if you have questions in regards to this project. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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