Monday, April 16, 2012

new additions

eyelets top

floral top

red dress

striped dress

15 apr 2
the look: tank top, pants, thrifted belt, thrifted granny loafers, thrifted vintage bag (hidden in the photo)

Happy Monday everyone! And hope you had a great weekend. I went to the flea market and bought few lovely vintage pieces. At first, I said to myself to limit my purchase(s) to RM15 for the day but instead I went overboard, beyond this limit. Initially I was on track. Bought two tops from bargain corner and I had some spare money. Later, when I hit the dresses racks, gasp a little, oh gosh, this red dress is just so lovely and so 1930s style. And then I saw the striped dress... Oh no, another pretty dress. I knew that once I have tried them on, it was hard for me to let them go. So in the end, the lovely frocks ended in my shopping bag. Happily broke till end of the month.


  1. Red dress is a killer! love your your items though:)

  2. and where is this kak? another bazaar? did u get all the dresses for Rm15 each?

    1. amcorp mall, third floor. yes :)

    2. Oh i saw that one stall! didnt check them out last week! ouh i bought this pretty 60's lace nightgown (which reminded me of harajuku girls) from there too. awesome find!

    3. thanks for your comment. lace nightgown, sounds interesting :)