Friday, April 6, 2012


front bag

ferragamo shoes

Yay, yay! Two of my birthday wishlist items have been fulfilled. I splurged myself on a vintage (90s) Chanel bag and a pair of crocodile embossed leather Ferragamo shoes. Checked on ebay and found an exact pair and these lovely shoes are vintage. Did the same search on the vintage Chanel bag. The exact bag is sold here, for over one thousand pound sterling. Bought these items from Mymilan Milan few weeks ago for a fraction of what is charging in pound sterling. I guess I was lucky to find these within my budget. Now, I have to start saving again as I am still looking for vintage Chanel brooch or earrings and perhaps another vintage Chanel bag in black. Hhhmm...

Happy Easter and have a good weekend.


  1. The chanel bag is so chic! yeah you are lucky :)
    Have a wonderful weekend! <3

  2. yeay congrats to you finally getting a varina pump in black! heheh i got meself one in black suede.. btw how much did the channel cost?

    1. Thanks for your comment :) Yup, finally the search is over. It cost RM1,100, a bit pricey but still affordable if compares to other models of bags.

  3. Ah yes..definitely.. The one i found at glampot cost beyond that! lol my mom purchase this 1:1 black gold chain channel lambskin jumbo and its cost 1K as well, so for the authentic vintage that you have purchase it is indeed a great bargain. My mom has this thing about wearing vintage as she so called it ~secondhand~ lol it is clearly quite the opposite for me. As i value it very much!

    Btw Did u purchase the ferragamo at mymilan as well? How much does it cost? I know i saw some mymilan adverts on the street but always ignored it.

    1. I have checked out several branded second hand shops and this bag is within my budget :)

      Yes, purchased the shoes from Mymilan Milan as well at RM100.

    2. lolomg definitely so much cheaper than glampot by x4 kak!
      did u find milan2 the cheapest branded second hand shop?
      Would you share the names of d other shops?

    3. I did not compare with the rest of designer bags so, I am not in the position to say so. I was lucky to find a vintage Chanel bag within my budget and it is a rare design or model.

      Other shops:
      Milan Classic - there is one outlet in Amcorp Mall
      Attic House - Plaza Damas
      Luxury Vintage - Bangsar
      Lovey Goody - Damansara Uptown
      Scoop - Plaza Damas

      Hope the above helps. Are you planning to purchase any vintage designer bags?

    4. idk if the prices for the bags are within my budget and if i really fancy it, then maybe i'd buy..but my priority goes to collecting varina in dark brown and maybe some designer clip-ons or necklaces.. Heheh

      Is millan classic on the LG floor?
      Btw my mom bought the 1:1 replica at amcorp too level 2 i think .. I forgot what's the shop name. They have high quality designer bags. Now thinking of reselling but sayang.. She hardly use it. Buying on a whim i guess...hahah

    5. have you tried to check out varina / vara ferragamo shoes at mymilan milan kota damansara branch? i saw a pair of dark brown.

      yes, milan classic is on LG floor, near giant.

    6. Oh beside coolblog izzit? Everytime i went there always close! lol didnt know they hv awesome goodies! thanks for the info! when i drop by milan2 i will let u know.. xx

    7. i can't really recall, sorry. but here is a link: do let me know of the outcome of your visit :)