Saturday, April 14, 2012

should i or shouldn't i

14 apr 1

14 apr 2
the look: vintage jacket, tank top, vintage pants, thrifted belt, thrifted granny loafers

Weekend is here! How is your weekend so far? So far, so good, I hope. It has been a while since my last thrifting trip and I have been thinking whether to go to my favourite flea market tomorrow or not. Hhmm should I go or shouldn't I go.... My only concern is to return home with some vintage finds as I should be saving up for my next 'big' vintage purchase. Perhaps window thrifting? Or to limit to purchase one item only? Oh well, will make the decision tomorrow. 

Have a nice evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. What a great outfit! And I would say limit your self to ove item on the fleamarket!

  2. wht's your next big vintage purchase goin to b kak? keen to know! xx

    1. I'm saving up to buy vintage Chanel brooch or earrings (med term target) and vintage Chanel bag in black (similar to 2.55 bag or sling camera bag - long term target). Keeping my fingers crossed :)