Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready, Get set, Shop!

Dear lovely readers,

The private yard sale is set on this Saturday, 4th June from 12 noon to 6 pm at my place. There would be pre loved clothes, back issue magazines (Female, Elle, Harper's Bazaar), books, accessories and not forgetting Colourful Buttons' Vintage corner! Prices are as low as RM5 and not more than RM25. Do drop me a line at kychoo@yahoo.com for those who are interested.

Cheers and look forward to seeing you!

kaelyn @ colourful buttons

Monday, May 30, 2011

More thrifting and online shopping tales...

I could not help but to wonder if I could ever stop thrifting or online shopping at some point. Perhaps not thrifting, it is very hard to resist but yet affordable. Online shopping via esty or other blog shops? Whilst I was looking through and sorting out my wardrobe last week, I realised that I have loads of clothes regardless contemporary or vintage clothes. Not only clothes, shoes as well. On top of this, I have started a relatively small collection of vintage shoes after discovering esty. And I am thinking of expanding vintage bags collection. Hhmm..Tricky situation? I guess, will power is important. Anyway, enough said about my spending habit.

Went to my favourite flea market with my sis because she wanted to purchase the mustard pencil skirt which I bought two weeks ago. There was another same piece in one size bigger than mine. I had no intention to thrift that day but somehow, I did. Bought a blazer and two skirts. Love the colours of the skirts. I think I am into turquoise and mustard colours lately.

End of April, I ordered a pair of vintage Bally shoes and some vintage patterns from esty shops. These items arrived last week. This round I have waited about three weeks for these items to arrive. Glad that they arrived safe and sound.

For the chain bag, I have been eyeing and thinking about the bag for couple weeks until I could hold it longer. Bought the bag from The Vintage Stylo at a good deal. The seller, Fairuz, is accommodating and efficient to liaise with. Do check his blog shop if you are interested in vintage bags and shoes.

Oh gosh, just realised today's post is a bit lengthy. Thanks in advance for reading my lengthy post and have a good week ahead.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad photos, lack of words - what else?

Oh no, my outfit photos turned out to be a little too bright. Just press (set timer, actually) and shoot. I did not change my setting, just the location! What went wrong? On top of this, I do not know what to write for this post. My mind is somewhere else. Writer's block? Maybe.

The look:
Vintage blouse (click here to view the top and scroll down) from the Vintage Vibes
Vintage Bill Blass skirt from flea market
Thrifted bag from SA thrift store
Kitten heels
Thrifted belt

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: Private Yard Sale

Whilst I was away from the cyber world, I took some time to look through my wardrobe and sort out clothes that need new home. I am preparing for a private yard sale. This is the private yard sale that I have mentioned in previous post. I would be moving out from my current place in about two months time. So, now is the best time to detox my wardrobe.

At the same time, I would be introducing Colourful Buttons' Vintage Corner that offers vintage clothes and accessories (circa1970's to 1980's) from my thrifting adventures all this while! Since I would be moving out soon and I can not take the many, many loads of my vintage stuff, I have let go some of my vintage clothes.

Vintage bags

Vintage earrings

Vintage clothes

From my collection

For the private yard sale, do expect pre-loved clothes, books, old issue magazines, shoes, accessories and also Colourful Buttons' Vintage Corner (just a temporary name). I have not work out the date and time yet, my place is pretty messy and I am not if I should at least tidy it up a bit. For anyone who is interested or would like to have more info, please drop me a line at: kychoo@yahoo.com

So happy the weekend is around the corner! Enjoy your evening.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wired again

Modem has been replaced and I am wired again. Yay! So much catching up to do but will go slow. I have few interesting and exciting news or thrift finds (again? - yes, again) to share. Another minimalist style - just let the fabric of the dress does it work.

The look of the day:
Vintage dress from Vintage Packstocks (now known as anaabu)
Thrifted belt
Slip on heels

It is good to be back. Will continue daily posting. Stayed tune!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrifting gone overboard

Did not know why my last Sunday's thrifting went overboard. Impulse? All I knew was that these are great finds at great deals, below RM10 for each piece. Very, very hard to resist. Two or three of the dresses need alteration for fresher look.

Bought the hair clips, comb (for fashion projects) and retro coin pouch from a charity stall. The beaded retro coin pouch is very cute. The white blouse has the modern look, very suitable as sophisticated office wear.

Could not believe that I could come across with Bally shoes at the flea market! I am not sure how to date the shoes but this is what I want, almost what I want actually. Ferragamo is out of my budget but this pair, due to its condition (needs to be cleaned or polished), is still within my budget.

I am broke. But happily broke.

Have a good week ahead everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back for a while: Outfits post

The Internet issue would take a while to sort out. The modem is broken. I have decided to have a tiny taste of cyber life in the weekends. I miss blogging and reading other blogs. Whilst I am not blogging or using the Internet, I have started planning a private yard sale and also to re-organize my wardrobe. Will be moving to another place.

The look on 18 May:
Vintage Christian Dior dress from Bandung :)
Square buckle elastic belt

The look for today:
Vintage dress with lace crochet collar from flea market
Thrifted belt from SA Thrift store
Thrifted shoes from Memory Lane

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dear lovely readers,

Hope you had a great weekend. Just a quick post to inform you that I am away from blogging due to internet problem at home :-( . I hope this will be sorted out as soon as possible. Have a good week ahead and take care.

Best wishes,

Kaelyn @ colourful buttons

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yes, No, ... Maybe?

Faced a tiny little outfit issue this morning. Put on a dress but felt the dress was too office-y and I changed to another dress. Felt the same. Changed again and decided on this number of mixing two floral prints. One of those days, I think. Have you experienced any outfit issues?

The look:
Thrifted floral cropped top
Vintage skirt from the Vintage Vibes
Weaved belt
Thrifted woven bag from SA thrift store
Oxford heels

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Project: Bow fascinator with veil

Photo taken from: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72208656/vintage-bow-fascinator-headband-with

I love this lovely bow fascinator. Isn't this sweet and lovely? It is on sale on etsy but due to limited budget, I have decided to make it myself. A while ago I purchased vintage birdcage veil or French net from etsy. On top of that, I have checked out some websites or blogs on DIY fascinator in order to prepare for this project.

Here we go...

What you need:

Fabric / material - I used satin for this piece
French net / birdcage veil
White interface
Thread and needle
A pair of scissors
Measure tape
Tracing paper for dressmaking

Prepare the paper pattern for the bow (if there is a need to). Cut out the fabric and interface accordingly. Use the interface to make the fabric more stiff by ironing the interface onto the pieces.

Sew the seams and leave some space for turning the pieces from wrong side to the right side. Iron the pieces, then stitch the gap to close it. Attached the pieces together to form a bow.

Next, measure the desired length (mine was 19 inches) and cut accordingly. Fold the net into half and cut the edge off. Using a needle and thread, weave the thread in and out of the diamond patterns along the cut edge. Slowly pull the thread as weaving along to create gathers.

Tie a knot to secure the weaving once the desired amount of the gather is created. Thereafter, attach it to the comb. Place the bow and stitch it on the top of the net. The bow fascinator is done! My version is small due to the width of the net. Small but cute. New accessory to add into my collection.

Happy trying and one more day to the weekend!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Window shopping and a good movie are just good ways to de-stress after a hectic day at work. Window shopped for inspirations and ideas for styling. Not fully inspired but I love the colours of spring summer collection of Zara.

Watched Thor and it is a good movie even though I have never read the comic before. Marvel and DC comics superheroes' movies will be hitting cinema soon - Captain America and Green Lantern. On another note, the French Film festival at GSC will start tomorrow as well. Oh gosh, I think I will be hitting the cinema quite frequently this month.

The look:
Vintage blouse from fashion bazaar
Pencil skirt
Pump heels

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yet another great finds

I consider myself lucky because I wanted to get a woven bag either wicker or raffia bag. And I found one in the Salvation Army's thrift store last Saturday! Same goes for the clutch. I wanted a tapestry clutch and this velvety fabric clutch is almost a dream come true. But I will keep my eyes open for a tapestry clutch or bag.

A cute find is the handbags print blouse. It is big for me and it needs a bit of alteration. The salmon pink blouse is simple yet adorable. Love the buttons feature.

Purchased cute preppy sweater like top, Victorian inspired top and a striped skort or culottes. The pair of culottes is something new for me to add into my wardrobe. Don't you just love the stripes?

Can not wait for next month's trip back to Ipoh!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yet another great discovery

Over the weekend, I went back to my hometown for Mother's Day celebration. Thrifting at the Salvation's Army thrift store is on my to-do-list every time I go back to Ipoh. So, there was no exception for this trip. As always, it was great fun to see what is in store for us to find and buy.

My sis and I wanted to eat
durian once we have finished our thrifting. We asked staff at the thrift store for the directions. Thereafter, we were all set to find yummy durians.

On our way to find durian stalls, I came across a thrift store. Well spotted and what a lucky find! We decided to check out the store first.

The store is called Kedai Barang Murah - Cheap Items Store (direct translation). The price range is from RM2 to RM4 for tops, skirts and pants. Denim pants are sold here but I did not check them out. Details of the shop:

Shop name: Kedai Barang Murah
Address: 59, Persiaran Perpaduan Jaya 1, Taman Perpaduan Jaya, 31150 Ulu Kinta, Perak.

Did we leave the store empty handed? Of course not! I bought few items here which I will share tomorrow. And finally, we found a durian stall to satisfy our hunger for durian.

Have a good week ahead everyone!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


leaving on jet plane 2

Sorry that I have missed my posting yesterday. I was in rush to pack and leave. Headed back to my home town for Mother's Day this weekend. Will blog as usual on Monday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

PS: Wish I was wearing this outfit yesterday...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shopping for vintage in Malaysia

Tongue in Chic features an article on
vintage shops in Malaysia with the help of Thr5t. Great article for vintage lovers. Now I know additional places to shop for vintage.

Hhhmmm... I am wondering perhaps it would be good to make a directory of places to thrift or shopping for vintage in Malaysia or at least in Selangor? Anyone interested to initiate the project?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take a break, have a ....

Whilst I am supposed to count down coffee intake, but I needed a mini break from work, I had a cup of neslo (mixture of nescafe coffee with milo) this morning. Just sipping the drink for a while and taking things easy for couple of minutes.... It felt good although it was for a very short period of time. At times, there would be cupcakes or cakes in the staff room. Yummy... but not for today.

The look:
Vintage dress from Vintage Packstocks (now known as anaabu)
Thrifted belt
Pump heels
Bead necklace

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

0.5 day of indulgences

Went out for a while yesterday to Bangsar. Manage to sneak these indulgences whilst running my errands.

Check out the yummy cupcakes... I am sweet tooth person so these are hard to resist. Had one of the lovely cupcakes but I have forgotten to snap of photo it to share with you which one I had. Too excited with my cupcake. Anyway, the cupcake that I had can be seen from the first photo on the top, first row, in the middle - cappuccino cupcake.

At times window shopping can be fun but real shopping is more fun and enjoyable especially when you have the budget. Otherwise, go for thrifting. These lovely shoes have 1940's feel and it is on sale - 30% reduction. Quite difficult to let them go but I did. Limited budget for May - car insurance, road tax etc to sort out.

What do you like to indulge yourself with?

Monday, May 2, 2011

A trip to Kuala Selangor

The trip to Kuala Selangor happened pretty spontaneously. My colleague just sent me a text on Saturday's morning asking me whether I would be interested to join her and her boyfriend for a trip to Kuala Selangor. Without any hesitation, I replied 'Yes'.

The look:
Vintage blouse from Vintage Packstocks (now known as anaabu)
Thrifted belt
Thrifted bag (hidden)
Flare shorts
Studded sandals

On our journey to Kuala Selangor, we spotted an orchid nursery and decided to check it out. Just look at the pretty orchids...

We arrived at Malawati Hills, late in the afternoon. Instead of walking up the hills, we decided to take the tram to go up the hills after checked with a local their if the hills are too hilly to walk up. The queue was pretty long but we waited patiently with the rest of the crowd.

The lighthouse

Besides the view of the Malacca Straits from the hill, these cuties are another attraction. Visitors would buy food and feed them. The babies are in golden yellow colour but once they have grown into adults, they would be grey-ish silver.

Poisoned well

Instead of taking the tram again, we walked down and it was not a difficult walk at all. Perhaps, nowadays people are too depending on vehicles. Passed by this poisoned well. It was used to poison traitors by placing the individual inside the well and put poison into the well water. The level on the water is up to the chin of the individual. Eee...

Today is a public holiday, in lieu of Labour Day (1st May) which was on Sunday. So no Monday blues today. Yay!! Hope to catch up on my sewing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Monday and have a good week ahead.