Friday, May 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: Private Yard Sale

Whilst I was away from the cyber world, I took some time to look through my wardrobe and sort out clothes that need new home. I am preparing for a private yard sale. This is the private yard sale that I have mentioned in previous post. I would be moving out from my current place in about two months time. So, now is the best time to detox my wardrobe.

At the same time, I would be introducing Colourful Buttons' Vintage Corner that offers vintage clothes and accessories (circa1970's to 1980's) from my thrifting adventures all this while! Since I would be moving out soon and I can not take the many, many loads of my vintage stuff, I have let go some of my vintage clothes.

Vintage bags

Vintage earrings

Vintage clothes

From my collection

For the private yard sale, do expect pre-loved clothes, books, old issue magazines, shoes, accessories and also Colourful Buttons' Vintage Corner (just a temporary name). I have not work out the date and time yet, my place is pretty messy and I am not if I should at least tidy it up a bit. For anyone who is interested or would like to have more info, please drop me a line at:

So happy the weekend is around the corner! Enjoy your evening.


  1. yay! excited for this im so carzy for clip earrings. Do u have LIFE?

  2. that's good to know. i think i have three pairs of clip earrings. hahaha... at this point, my blog, thrifing adventures and sewing / DIYs are my life.

  3. Do you sell any of your diy? are you going to make a new blogspot for this pvt sale or smthg?
    would u post pics of the stuff youre going to sell online? if i fancy any, i'd purchase it. Also, are you interested in doing swaps? lol jw

  4. at this point not yet but i have plans to do so. the private yard sale is in conjunction with the move and not going to post any items. the private yard sale is opened to those who are interested to come over to my place to check the items out. do send me an email if you are interested. swapping? hhmm... let me think about it.
    thanks and cheers,

  5. oh ok will email u.. btw do u have LIFE magazines?