Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take a break, have a ....

Whilst I am supposed to count down coffee intake, but I needed a mini break from work, I had a cup of neslo (mixture of nescafe coffee with milo) this morning. Just sipping the drink for a while and taking things easy for couple of minutes.... It felt good although it was for a very short period of time. At times, there would be cupcakes or cakes in the staff room. Yummy... but not for today.

The look:
Vintage dress from Vintage Packstocks (now known as anaabu)
Thrifted belt
Pump heels
Bead necklace


  1. Your dress is so pretty. I love these soft hues.

  2. This is a very cute outift! I like that you posed with the dressform beside you - very cute! I am planning on buying myself one this year but I keep spending my extra money on shoes :)