Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Project: Bow fascinator with veil

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I love this lovely bow fascinator. Isn't this sweet and lovely? It is on sale on etsy but due to limited budget, I have decided to make it myself. A while ago I purchased vintage birdcage veil or French net from etsy. On top of that, I have checked out some websites or blogs on DIY fascinator in order to prepare for this project.

Here we go...

What you need:

Fabric / material - I used satin for this piece
French net / birdcage veil
White interface
Thread and needle
A pair of scissors
Measure tape
Tracing paper for dressmaking

Prepare the paper pattern for the bow (if there is a need to). Cut out the fabric and interface accordingly. Use the interface to make the fabric more stiff by ironing the interface onto the pieces.

Sew the seams and leave some space for turning the pieces from wrong side to the right side. Iron the pieces, then stitch the gap to close it. Attached the pieces together to form a bow.

Next, measure the desired length (mine was 19 inches) and cut accordingly. Fold the net into half and cut the edge off. Using a needle and thread, weave the thread in and out of the diamond patterns along the cut edge. Slowly pull the thread as weaving along to create gathers.

Tie a knot to secure the weaving once the desired amount of the gather is created. Thereafter, attach it to the comb. Place the bow and stitch it on the top of the net. The bow fascinator is done! My version is small due to the width of the net. Small but cute. New accessory to add into my collection.

Happy trying and one more day to the weekend!


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