Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thrifting gone overboard

Did not know why my last Sunday's thrifting went overboard. Impulse? All I knew was that these are great finds at great deals, below RM10 for each piece. Very, very hard to resist. Two or three of the dresses need alteration for fresher look.

Bought the hair clips, comb (for fashion projects) and retro coin pouch from a charity stall. The beaded retro coin pouch is very cute. The white blouse has the modern look, very suitable as sophisticated office wear.

Could not believe that I could come across with Bally shoes at the flea market! I am not sure how to date the shoes but this is what I want, almost what I want actually. Ferragamo is out of my budget but this pair, due to its condition (needs to be cleaned or polished), is still within my budget.

I am broke. But happily broke.

Have a good week ahead everyone!


  1. which flea market did u went to? :D the shoe is siq! love it so much such a gr8 find! Glampot sells vintage ferragamo too at an affordable price just bought meself one the varina heels in good condition. also, i think etsy is quite cheap too even after you convert the money (depends on which shop)

  2. Wow great haul!! Vintage shopping seems to go in cycles for me, some weeks I find loads of stuff, other weeks nothing. You should definitely enjoy your bounty, especially those shoes. You should post pictures of when you wear those dresses.

  3. Hi Kaelyn,

    Am doing a story on Vintage Fashion for The Star, and would love to interview you. Can you drop me a line please at



    Dzireena Mahadzir

  4. Hi Arina - Flea market at Amcorp Mall. Glampot? Online or offline shop?

    Hi Leilani - Thank you for checking out my post/blog and your comment. Will keep that in mind. I have too many dresses/tops/skirts :-)

    Hi Dzireena - Thank you for checking out my blog and this is such an honoured. I have dropped you a line and hope you receive my email. Speak soon.

  5. i always go to amcorp mall on weekends didnt see any vintage shoes ard. Did u by any chance went to LG floor? where most antiques stuff are sold? i usually hang around 3rd and second lol
    oh go search on facebook: Glampot. they also have an offline shop in taipan and ara damansara but taipan is where most of the vintage are. Branded second hands but still in mint condition. They are having a sale rn... ive beein eyeing this ferragamo flats and box bag do check it out such classic beauty
    do u live somewhere in pj?

  6. You can find more vintage bags and shoes at lower ground floor. I love to go there to check our antique sewing machines. They are so lovely... too expensive to buy. Sigh.

    Thanks for the info!

  7. how much are they selling? yes i once wanted to buy an old typewriter..then realized twas so over priced..ahah

  8. antique sewing machine from 1900's is RM1500, if i remember correctly.