Monday, May 30, 2011

More thrifting and online shopping tales...

I could not help but to wonder if I could ever stop thrifting or online shopping at some point. Perhaps not thrifting, it is very hard to resist but yet affordable. Online shopping via esty or other blog shops? Whilst I was looking through and sorting out my wardrobe last week, I realised that I have loads of clothes regardless contemporary or vintage clothes. Not only clothes, shoes as well. On top of this, I have started a relatively small collection of vintage shoes after discovering esty. And I am thinking of expanding vintage bags collection. Hhmm..Tricky situation? I guess, will power is important. Anyway, enough said about my spending habit.

Went to my favourite flea market with my sis because she wanted to purchase the mustard pencil skirt which I bought two weeks ago. There was another same piece in one size bigger than mine. I had no intention to thrift that day but somehow, I did. Bought a blazer and two skirts. Love the colours of the skirts. I think I am into turquoise and mustard colours lately.

End of April, I ordered a pair of vintage Bally shoes and some vintage patterns from esty shops. These items arrived last week. This round I have waited about three weeks for these items to arrive. Glad that they arrived safe and sound.

For the chain bag, I have been eyeing and thinking about the bag for couple weeks until I could hold it longer. Bought the bag from The Vintage Stylo at a good deal. The seller, Fairuz, is accommodating and efficient to liaise with. Do check his blog shop if you are interested in vintage bags and shoes.

Oh gosh, just realised today's post is a bit lengthy. Thanks in advance for reading my lengthy post and have a good week ahead.


  1. link to the etsy shops for ze shoes and patterns? thts a lot of pattern did u buy in bulk or smthg?

  2. hiya,

    the shoes were purchased from this shop:
    as for the patterns, the shop owner was moving out from her current place and was selling the patterns sort of in bulk for a good price and link to her shop:

    if you are interested in patterns, you may would like to check out this shop: