Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yet another great finds

I consider myself lucky because I wanted to get a woven bag either wicker or raffia bag. And I found one in the Salvation Army's thrift store last Saturday! Same goes for the clutch. I wanted a tapestry clutch and this velvety fabric clutch is almost a dream come true. But I will keep my eyes open for a tapestry clutch or bag.

A cute find is the handbags print blouse. It is big for me and it needs a bit of alteration. The salmon pink blouse is simple yet adorable. Love the buttons feature.

Purchased cute preppy sweater like top, Victorian inspired top and a striped skort or culottes. The pair of culottes is something new for me to add into my wardrobe. Don't you just love the stripes?

Can not wait for next month's trip back to Ipoh!

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