Monday, April 23, 2012

thrifted finds

find 1

find 2

Hello everyone! Hope you are well and had a great weekend. Mine was good as I have altered some of my vintage dresses. So, more options to choose for outfit posts. Yay!

Oh boy, I am so tired! Why? Because I went on a DIY KL heritage trail this morning. But today's post is on my finds, will share the trail soon. In between all the walking and snapping photos, I went to a bundle store in Kota Raya for a sort of break and to get away from the heat. Lace collar - checked, polka dots - checked, within my budget - checked and that is how the top ended into my bag (of course need to check out at the cashier before going home). Whilst the trench coat is an investment piece for any future trips. Indeed a lucky find for me!

Have a good week ahead and stay stylish!

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