Wednesday, March 14, 2012

buttons on the move: Singapore II

outfit for the day (11 Mar)

outfit for the day (11 Mar)
the look: tank top, vintage skirt, weave belt, thrifted granny loafers, thrifted bag

On the second day of outing, I did a bit touristy thing. I snapped photos of the Merlion. Merlion is a well-known mascot of Singapore. So, it is a spot not to be missed if you would like to show anyone that you have been to Singapore!

titanic: the artifact exhibition

From the park, my friend and I walked to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. It was about 20 to 25 minutes walk and we enjoyed the scenery of the Bayfront whilst walking. Soon after the walk, we were at the entrance of the museum. At last, a place with air conditioning was just we needed. We went in and purchased tickets. Admissions ticket is S$24.

Boarding pass

From the brochure

As we entered the exhibition gallery, each of us was given a boarding pass with details of a passenger of RMS Titanic. We were advised to cross check the name on the boarding pass with the name lists on memorial gallery.

The exhibition took us through the life journey of Titanic, from the birth of the idea to built Titanic, its constructions, its magnificent and luxurious interior to cater first class passengers to simple interior for third class passengers, to iceberg warning, to its fatal tragedy and conservation work. Artifacts of related theme will be displayed.

My favourite part of the exhibition is the promenade deck. At this section, the moonless night with many stars was created using black cloth and LED lights as stars. Special lights were used to emulate the movement of the sea and special effect sound of waves was aired. I felt like I was on the ship!

Throughout the exhibition, I had mixed feelings of overwhelmed and sadness. Overwhelmed with the greatness of Titanic and sad because of the tragedy. Remember the boarding pass which was given at the beginning of the exhibition? I checked and I 'survived'.

It was a great exhibition and I would suggest any history lovers or anyone to visit the exhibition.

haji lane

a random shot of a shop @ haji lane

Dulcetfig @ haji lane

After lunch, we headed to Haji Lane to check out a vintage shop, Dulcetfig. It sells its own label items as well as vintage apparels, accessories. In terms of price range, I would say it is pricey after conversion, for example S$89 for a piece of vintage dress. I saw three Ettiene Aigner handbags in the shop and if I remembered correctly one of the bags costs S$109.

I had a great time in Singapore although I did not score anything in thrifting department. I just wish I have more time so I could check out the rest of the SA family thrift stores. Perhaps, next time?

Hope you have enjoyed reading the posts of my trip as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Happy mid-week!

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