Friday, March 30, 2012

fashion project: DIY peter pan collar

Remember the DIY scalloped peter pan collar that I mentioned in my post on Wednesday? In this post, I will share how to make it. Ready? Here we go...

what u need

What you need:
Template of the collar - click here to download. 

1 cut template of collar

Download template of the collar. Print and cut the collar.

2 pin collar on felt
Place the templates on the felt and cut accordingly.

3 punch holes

Using the puncher, punch holes in the center of each scallop on each collar piece.

4 sew button

Overlap the wider ends of the collar in order for the first holes line up. Put the button over the aligning holes and stitch it in position from the back side.

5 attach ribbon

Thread one ribbon (at least 20 cm) through the last hole on the tapered end of one collar, fold the tip of the ribbon and stitch it. Another option is to use a glue gun, to glue the bit together. Repeat on the other collar.

6 apply nail polish

In order to minimise fraying of the other end of the ribbon, paint nail polish (preferably transparent) on the tip.

7 finished collar

Here is the finished collar. 

What do you think? Quite easy to make, don't you think? Give it a try and have fun with the project.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

Lucky, November 2011


  1. Lovey darling! you are so talented! followed back ;)

  2. looks lovely! xx