Friday, December 26, 2014

vintage festival 2014


Hello! I am so glad to be back here, the blogsphere... There is a quite bit of catching up to do. Last month, I was in Malaysia for a short holiday. It was great to be back; catching up with family and friends and not forgetting eating all the yummy Malaysian food. I was in luck as I had the opportunity to attend Vintage Festival, few days before my departure. And course of, I did not miss out any chance grabbing nice vintage clothes!

I went on the first day of the festival and arrived after 11-ish AM, thinking that most of the stalls would be opened. However, sadly, I was wrong. Almost half of the stalls have yet to be opened; some empty stalls and some were still in the process of setting up. Looking on the bright side of this, the lesser stalls opened, the lesser I could shop. The outcome of this visit was two tops and a pair of slacks and total amount spent was RM25. 

vintage stall

vintage clothes

This was the stall where I bought my vintage tops and slacks for RM25

vintage books

Vintage books and knick knacks

vintage sewing machines

Vintage hand crank Singer sewing machines

old sewing machine legs

Old or vintage sewing machine legs (to add a wooden or glass top to make a table with sewing machine legs; awesome, no?)

By visiting this vintage festival, my thirst for vintage (at a bargain) or shopping in a flea market has been quenched, at least for now. So glad that I managed to squeeze this into my busy holiday schedule.

Hope you had have a great Christmas celebrations for those who celebrate the festivity and happy holidays!

Have a great weekend ahead and stay chic!

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