Monday, October 15, 2012

vintage stores in central, hong kong

vintage HK

Finally I managed to check out two vintage stores in Central, Hong Kong. To be honest, I am not very good with maps so I have been walking round and round or perhaps up and down the roads before finding these stores. 

Vintage HK is located at 59, Hollywood, Central. It sells a wide range of items from clothes, bags to accessories and knickknacks. I came across with vintage hats, Chanel bags, Fendi bags to name a few. A place worth to check out. 

(3 July 2016 update: Vintage HK is closed)

outside store

bang bang 70s sign

Bang! Bang! 70's store is located at 1/F, 16A, Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong. The store brings back the nostalgia of a vintage home with a lovely red sofa, vintage tv, vintage poster amongst many other vintage items such as bags, shoes, clothes etc. Here are some photos of inside the store:

bags n dresses

shoes n glasses

chanel earrings
Chanel earrings circa 1990s

pink chanel vintage bag
Pink Chanel bag - a rare one indeed

vintage chanel bag
Mini Chanel vintage flap bag

It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon by visiting and checking out vintage store and get connected to vintage items, especially checking out the earrings and bags.Of course it would be a splendid I have could afford to buy at least the earrings but I have to hold on to that thought. Need shop around... and of course need to invest in a sewing machine first. 

How was your weekend? Good, I hope. Have a good week ahead!


  1. did you bought anything kak? Oh i feel like I want to kirim some barang lah..ahah can i kak email u? hehe How long do u plan to stay there anyway? R u in some work contract or sthg? I just watch the white countess and idk eventhough the setting was in shanghai and there was a little mention of HK. js i bet all the stuff you can find there is super amazing!