Saturday, October 6, 2012

sight-seeing: hong kong museum of history pt 1


I love visiting museums and when I heard about  exhibition on terracotta warriors and other artifacts of the Qin Dynasty at Hong Kong Museum of History, I thought to myself that this is a MUST SEE exhibition. At first I did not know that there was a need to buy tickets in advance as this is a popular exhibition, when I reached the box office, tickets for the day were sold out. I was quite disappointed but I still have time to go again as the exhibition would end in November. Click here to view more photos of the exhibition.


Terracotta warriors on display

cartoon terracotta warrior

Here is a photo of me with a cartoon-ish terracotta warrior. Not a very vintage-y outfit but I was using my vintage Aigner handbag. This bag is my weekend handbag and I love it. I put many things inside this bag; wallet, mobile phone, umbrella, maps etc.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more posts on sight seeing!

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