Tuesday, October 9, 2012

breaking the rules...

thrifted vintage black top

thrifted vintage lace collar top

Although I have said to myself, "Don't buy anymore clothes." many, many times since I have been here, last Sunday I broke this rule.Not only I have yet to figure out how to store extra clothes which I have brought from Malaysia, I have just added two more pieces into this pile.

What you didn't know is the price of these vintage tops. Are you ready? Here goes... each top costs HK$5. Yup, HK$5 for each top. I found these pieces on the HK$5 rack. Great finds, right? 

Another rule that I have broken is buying vintage clothes (although I should not do this in the first place) which needs alteration. Without a sewing machine, alteration is quite a challenge. I thought about altering the tops by hand but I am not sure whether this is a good idea... hhmmm.

Anyway, hope you had a lovely weekend. Stay stylish and have a good week ahead!

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