Sunday, November 5, 2017

wanderlust: vintage adventures in paris

Personally, I believe vintage hunting or thrifting is definitely not to be missed when visiting Paris. I think one of the reasons why Parisian women are so chic is that they incorporate vintage pieces into their outfit and make them their own style.

Prior to my visit, I came across a website of vintage, friperies (thrift or secondhand), luxury vintage (to name a few) boutiques directories. How cool is that? Click here to check it out. This really helped me in selecting which vintage stores to visit.

by flower 1

Little shop packed with vintage treasures - clothes, bags to shoes

by flower 3

by flower 4

Since I was staying in the 10th arrondissement (è) or neighbourhood, I started my vintage or thrift hunting in 18th è - Montmartre.

By Flowers
86 Rue des Martyrs

Free P Star A1

Free P Star A3

Free P Star B

Free P Star C

Next, I headed to 4th è, where all the branches of Free P Star are located. First I hit the 1€ bin then the racks. However, luck was not on my side this time, left all the branches empty handed. 

52 rue de la Verrerie, Paris 4è

61 rue de la Verrerie, Paris 4è
20 rue de Rivoli, Paris 4è

The highlight of my vintage hunting was visiting the famous flea market in Paris; Les Puces de Saint-Ouen ot Les Puces at Porte de Clignancourt. Les Puces is considered as the largest antique market and secondhand shop in the world. There 14 markets: Antica, Biron, Cambo, Dauphine, Django Reinhardt, Jules Vallès, le Passage, Malassis, Malik, l’Entrepôt, Paul Bert Serpette, des Rues, L’Usine & Lécuyer and Vernaison in an area of seven hectares.

I wish I had more time to spend here instead of couple of hours, believe me it is not enough. Even I visited only few markets which sell vintage, I think I could spend whole day here. To check out vintage, I visited Paul Bert and Dauphine.

Les Puces 8

Les Puces 10

Les Puces 11

In this shop I bought a vintage slip and some vintage buttons. The owner is a friendly old lady who speaks a little English (phew..). When asked where to find vintage stores in the market, she was kind enough to direct me to the right market - Dauphine. So, I walked to Dauphine and came across some vintage stores along the way. 

Les Puces 14

Les Puces 13

Les Puces 18

Les Puces 19

Finally, I arrived at Dauphine. Not only there are vintage or secondhand shops but also shops selling vintage furniture, vintage fashion magazines, old books and also vintage knick knacks. I could easily spend hours here especially shop selling vintage fashion magazines. I wish I could buy all the vintage fashion magazines!! 

Les Puces 2

Les Puces 5

Les Puces 23

Les Puces 24

Les Puces 25

Les Puces 26

For more information on Les Puces, visit these websites:

What do you think of vintage scene in Paris? To be honest, my post did not really do the justice. You need to be there to experience it. If I have another opportunity to visit Paris again (oh Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris has opened.... hhmm... another reason to visit Paris???), definitely I will spend more time in Les Puces.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Till my next post, stay chic!

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