Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

I am very honoured and privileged to be tagged as a Stylish Blogger by Nana Stars*. Nana is my new friend who I met on Chictopia. I love her simple yet chic outfits and her colour combination.

In order to accept the award, I am required to complete the following:

1. Thank the person who gave me this award.
Nana, many thanks for giving me this award. It is a great honour. Dōmo arigatō.

2. Share seven facts about myself:

i) If I were not an administration officer, I would love to be a fashion stylist or costume designer.
ii) My major core field/subject at university is Mass Communication specialize in Film and Broadcasting whilst my minor is Archaeology.
iii) I used to make dresses for my doll when I was a child.
iv) I love and enjoy simple things in life like walking in the rain (not too heavy rain though), having a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day, snuggling under covers on a cold day to name a few.
v) My favourite movie is Lovers of the Arctic Circle / Los Amantes Del Circulo Polar.
vi) I am a cat person.
vii) My favourite artist/painter is Vincent Van Gogh.

3. Pay it forward to seven bloggers you adore and contact them to let them know they've been chosen:

Ana from ana and her talking bulb - love her style and admire her spirit
Kinsey from in kinsey's closet - love her simple yet chic style
Ashley from fancy fine - style icon
Lauren from blooming leopold vintage - lovely vintage outfits and great sewing projects
esme and the lane way - lovely vintage outfits
Izzy from Ye Ye! Style Blog - lovely vintage outfits
greer - adorable vintage outfits/style

Thanks again for the award and stayed tune for a secret to be revealed soon!


  1. Wooo! Congrats on the award! Thanks for passing it along :0)

  2. I love Vincent Van Gogh, too! :D