Friday, December 3, 2010


Now, I am hooked on Etsy (besides Polyvore). It is like a huge virtual flea market (if you select vintage option). Almost every night, I am checking out vintage bags and brooches. All the items are priced in US Dollars and items are pricey due to additional cost such as shipping and of course the conversion of US Dollars to Ringgit Malaysia.

I have my eyes on few things - bag and brooch - and I am already thinking about my Christmas present for myself already! Now I am working out the budget and finding more information on the bag. What bag? It is a secret at this moment. At times, I would question myself whether I need this bag or not, does it worth to buy all the way from US,... Since when getting a present for yourself would be this tough?? Sigh...

Anyway, weekend is here. Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

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