Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RM 50 Challenge: Did I give in to temptations?

Last Sunday, I managed to squeeze in thrifting outing into my schedule. My intention was to window shop or to spend the remaining of my thrifting budget for the month at my favourite flea market. Guess what? When I reached the usual vintage dresses stall, I could not help myself but to buy two dresses at RM15 each. Yes, I DID NOT stick to my vow. It was really hard to resist such lovely dresses at such great deal! Not only that, I spent RM5 on a skirt and a tie. Another difficult to resist great bargain. I guess, I have to deduct RM16 from next month's thrifting budget and this means that I have RM34 to spend in January 2011. Wish me luck for January 2011!

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