Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time to reflect...

One, two, three... three more days to go before we ushering in 2011! It is exciting yet scary because there is a whole new world or new path to explore. Not sure what are in store for each and everyone of us.

Looking back through 2010, it has been a roller coaster ride, fulled of ups and downs. Well, that's what life is all about, right? Otherwise it would very monotonous, which can be dull. I guess every now and then we need a bit of drama in life; to spice up one's life so to speak.

Moving forward towards 2011. What I can do is to learn from mistakes from the past years and improve from there. Here, I have outlined some of the things that I need to work on:

- hope to find a solution to 'passion or money'. Perhaps work for money during daytime and work for passion during at night or weekends?

- exercise more.
- eat more veggie and fruits.
- count down coffee. This is quite difficult as I need to caffeine in the mornings. Sigh.

- save money into bank account each month (literally). I am very bad with this. I have always ended up using the money on something else. Vintage dresses? ;-)
- stick to monthly budget. Keeping my fingers crossed.
- thrift more instead of buy brand new stuff, unless I like the item very much (and within my budget), which I think it would be most unlikely as I like one of kind stuff!

- spend more time with family and friends.
- hope to start proper sewing instead alterations. Bought a pattern magazine, FEMALE. Actually I have a couple of them but I have yet to sew anything for myself!

Picture taken from the cover of FEMALE for 2010 Autumn, website: http://www.boutique-sha.co.jp/

- hope to add frequency of blog entries especially on outfit posts. What do you think? Any comments?
- hope to travel to Paris. Do not know why that lately I am drawn to Paris. Because of flea markets?? Or affordable flights by AirAsia?? If not Paris, I guess Bandung would be a good place to shop for vintage dresses :-)

I think the above list is pretty much achievable (but not sure about the trip to Paris though). Well, at least there is something to dream, think about and work on. Life is all about the journey and not about the destination. Destination is like a target/goal we set to achieve and once it is achieved, we move on to the next target. Life goes on. It is a movement. All of us will reach our final destination at some point but how we spent and lived our life matters the most; our beliefs, our values, our deeds etc.

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  1. hi kaelyn! i'd like to ask you personally about shopping online from etsy, but i can't seem to find your email anywhere. i'd like to ask you about the payment process and how was the shipping process like. did it take long for the aigner bag to reach you? i'm about to purchase something off ebay from the states and my nerves are wrecking! would love to hear from you :) thanks!
    p/s: love your blog!