Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've got my eyes on...

It is eight days to Christmas! I bet everyone is in festive or at least in holiday mood. Almost every blogger that I am following has shared their wish lists. It is interesting to know about other wish lists. Well, I have got few things that caught my eyes;

Picture taken from

Came across Bistro Affair whilst I was hanging around and listening to sample CDs in Rock Corner yesterday. Great music to chill out after a hard day's work.

Picture taken from Etsy:

The vintage sewing brooch is very cute but sadly it is sold. :-(

Picture taken from Etsy:

The above vintage brooch is so elegant and classic. Love it!

Picture taken from Etsy:

Call it what you want - grandma's bag or auntie's bag - floral tapestry bag is one of a kind. A great addition to your wardrobe.

Picture taken from Etsy

These vintage Ferragamo shoes are so classic yet cute. Really can't take my eyes off them.

Picture taken from Etsy:

Yet another cute pair of vintage shoes from Etienne Aigner.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had enough money to use and save every month. No need to wait for bonus, which is the only time one can splurge. Now, I am patiently waiting for my Christmas present for myself. Keeping my fingers crossed that it would arrive safely. Weekend is around the corner and I am looking forward to chilling out and rest.


  1. oh these are some cute brooches.

  2. I really like the broach with the pearls. So pretty!

  3. OMG You have lovely shoes! The black and the white shoes are so amazing.
    Brooch is cute :D