Friday, December 24, 2010

Early Christmas: My Christmas Gift

It has arrived safely at last! My Christmas gift for myself; vintage Etienne Aigner handbag! Bought the handbag from RetroGalore on Etsy. And the bag was on S.A.L.E., the price was reduced to US$16. After much thought (budgeting) and researching on Etienne Aigner's handbag (to ensure the authenticity), I have finally came to a conclusion to purchase the bag. Quite a stressful process but it was fun though.

The handbag is made of deep burgundy soft leather. To check on the authenticity, I have read couple of websites and came across with these info:

1. Check the bag's hardware and accents. For designer's handbag, the zip is engraved with the designer's name.

2. Check the lining. Most vintage handbags' lining is made from fabric such as silk, faille or cotton. The lining lays flat along the inside of the handbag. Some linings printed with the designer's name.

3. Check the stitching. Stitches run in a straight line along the seams and the size of the stitches should be even. The colour of the thread should match the main colour of the handbag.

4. Check the quality of leather used. For this one, it is a bit tricky especially when you are purchasing online. You are unable to touch and smell but you can always ask the seller.

5. Look out for serial number. Though there is no serial number this handbag and I am not sure when serial number system started back then, to ensure the authenticity, I could do so based on the above mentioned points.

Overall, I am pleased and happy with my purchase. Wishing those are celebrating Christmas; Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Have a blast!


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