Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working Girl

Working girl. That is me. At times, I wish I could be working for myself instead for others. Selling vintage clothes and my own handmade retro design clothes - that would be great, perfect. I would be on over the moon.

Back to reality... This dress is so 80s which reminds me of Working Girl, the movie. If I remember correctly, I think I watched the movie once, in my teens. Hhhmm... maybe I should watch it again on old movie night.

The look:
Vintage dress from flea market


  1. It could be a reality if you start working towards it now!

    That dress is really incredible. I wish the flea markets around here had more clothing options.

  2. Hi Jenni,

    Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking to start selling vintage clothes as part time, either through flea markets/bazaars or etsy. Still in planning :-)

  3. omgosh i have the same dress! ahah so 80's it!

  4. yeah sort of but the shoulders are heavily padded i'll post a pic of it someday on my blog... sadly the dress didnt fit me anymore ahaha lé sigh

  5. I usually take out the shoulder pads :) What is the link to your blog? Oh no...

    simple as that ;) i usually blog stuff i like (and yeap tht are some rant post i hv 2 admit but w/e its a blog)