Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashion project: Flare skirt Part II

This has been way long-overdue. So sorry about this. Finally I have finished sewing the floral flare skirt. Phew,... it is a big relief. The thing about me is that I am a moody person, moody as in I need to get into the right mood in doing things. In the mood to sew, in the mood to read a book...

Anyway, here is the journey of finishing the lovely flare skirt:

I think the skirt would turn out better if I had used a more fluid material such as satin or chiffon. However, I wanted to use easy to sew fabric for this project.

Here is a sneak peak of upcoming fashion project. This is the material that I would use. Can you make a guess what I would make?

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  1. really admire that u can sew well! i wish i could make my own dresses, skirts etc!