Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hat Yai trip: Part 1

Hat Yai is a shopaholic shopping heaven or destination. I was lucky to join a group of friends to experience a holiday full of mouth watering food (had at least 4 meals a day!) and fun filled shopping trips. We stayed in a hotel at the heart of shopping area with most of shopping complexes or malls are within walking distance. Here are some of the shopping places:

Odean Departmental Store

It is a so-so place and in my opinion it is equivalent as the Store in Malaysia. I guess, you can guess how is the mall like.

Ocean Shopping Mall

This is a very, very small mall. It houses couple of shoes stores, clothing stores and a point of sales store. You could give it a miss on your trip.

Main market

A must-go place to look for great bargains for clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. There are many stalls inside the building besides the ones by the road sides. I purchased my Zara-like pants here. According to a seasoned shopaholic, the best time to shop at markets is in the morning when the stalls have just opened. In order to get first business of the day, customers have the most bargain power, well at least the sellers make some profit and not total loss from the transaction, they would agree to sell.

Central Departmental Store

Window shopping in Central made me feel like I am window shopping in Metrojaya. A good place for those who want to change the shopping scene for a bit. I came across a Chanel inspired leather quilt blag for sale at 229 Thai Baht which I had been contemplating to purchase but in the end I did not get it. I bet you would think that I should get it because it was so cheap, less than RM25 for a bag!

Robinson Departmental Store

Do I need to say more?

Diana Departmental Store (also known as Diana 2)

It is a mixture of departmental stores with outlets of fast food chains, clothes, gadgets and a section of mini bazaar full of small stall of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Many options to choose. Another good place to go.

BKK Bangkok

There are many stalls by road side or outside of shop lots along some streets. As I wandered around the street near the hotel I stayed one night, I came across this shop; BKK Bangkok. At a glance it looked like an ordinary fashion boutique until I check the below rack....

"Some of the clothes or designs look retro or vintage," I thought to myself. To check whether these were vintage or not, I picked up one or two clothes and tried to smell them. Smelt a bit of old clothes. To verify this I asked the shop assistant and I was so thrilled that these were indeed vintage dress. Without wasting any minute, I picked a few to try on. Guess what? I bought three vintage dresses. Though the price range was almost the same as in Malaysia but I could not resist (again these vintage dresses hit my Achilles' heel). However, I had to let go of these vintage dresses...

I did not have the chance to check out Greenway Night Market. I read on a
website that you could find used clothes, shoes, bags and new items in this market. Perhaps on my next trip, anyone wants to follow me?

Stay tuned for next posting on my finds!

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  1. I love finding cool vintage when I travel. I'm going to Sweden soon and I am saving up to shop there :) Can't wait to see what else you found on your trip!

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