Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion project: Handmade pillbox hat

I am a bit obsessed with hats at the moment. Maybe it is easier to sew compares to clothes. I could not wait to try making pillbox hat. And I could not resist the ones posted on etsy either. Too tempting yet I am broke. However, being broke does not stop me from trying to make it myself. Enough said about that and let's get down to business...

The pattern

Things you need:

Bias tape
Tulle but I would suggest to get birdcage veil or Russian / French net
A pair of scissors

Step 1 - place the patterns on felt. Take note of folded part.
Step 2 - pin the opening of the strip, allowance 5/8 inches.
Step 3 - sew the pinned part / seam.
Step 4 - attach and pin the crown part with the stitched strip.

Step 5 - sew the pinned part.
Step 6 - using scissors, cut out little triangles around the seam.
Step 7 - top-stitch the seams.
Photo 8 - this is how the seams would look like.

Step 9 - using bias tape, pin around bottom of the hat.
Step 10 - sew around the around.
Photo 11 - fold the bias tape towards to inner part of the hat and pin around the hat. sew around the hat again. The hat should look like this.
Step 12 - sew few stitches on each side of the hat.

Step 13 - punch a small hole beneath the stitches sewn earlier. These holes are for bobby pins to go through.
Step 14 - fold one end of the tulle to make gathers. Stitch to secure it.
Step 15 - place the tulle over the hat and pin. Cut the tulle according to the desired length and shape.
Step 16 - stitch the gathers on the hat and some bits to safely secure the tulle on the hat.

Step 17 - make a bow from felt and place it over the gathers part of the tulle.
Photo 18 & 19 - the finished pillbox hat.

The outcome of the hat is quite ok as this is my first attempt making a pillbox hat. Now, I am planning to make more in different colours. Oh this is so exciting!

Happy sewing and I am off to bed.


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