Monday, March 21, 2011

Here is my confession...

I believe by now, my dear fellow readers would have known that I am trying hard to keep my spending vow (maybe not hard enough). Perhaps at this point you might have begun to wonder my strength to keeping my words. I need to come clean and this is my confession:

Prior departing to Hat Yai, I went to Pekan Frijan bazaar wanted to check out the bazaar but never thought I would return home with a bag of vintage dresses (from Thr5t) and a sailor inspired top.

Upon my return, I went to Mon't Kiara flea market (Thursday's evening) to pass souvenirs to a friend of mine who has a stall there. And nearby her stall there was a vintage clothes stall which caught me eyes. I guess, there is no need to tell the rest of the story....

My latest vintage finds. My treat for myself. Five pieces for less than RM65. Great deal, right? Can anyone resist such good deal?

So, you have read about my confession. When it comes to vintage finds, there is no shame to share with all. And I am proud to be a thriftaholic!

Have a good week ahead!

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  1. Thrifting has become one of my top expenses! It's so hard to resist such great finds at such low prices. I love these pieces- you are a lucky girl!