Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion project: Handmade beret

I could not resist those lovely berets on etsy. Due to the fact that I am trying to adhering to my spending vow and budget, I have decided to sew a beret for myself. Did some research before I embark on my sewing beret journey.

Bought a shawl fleece from Daiso shop for RM5 as I do not think textile stores would have fleece. Other things that you need are:

A pair of scissors for cutting material and another pair for cutting paper
Measuring tape and ruler
A bit of blue tack
Head measurement

I had problem drawing a proper big circle without a compass (geometry) but I came up the idea of using a string and blue tack instead. Made my own compass. The circles turned out to be ok.

For this part, due to constraint of the material, I cut the ring piece into half and joined them when sewing. If you have enough material, do not cut the ring into half. As the fleece is quite thin, I have decided to put interface to make the material more stiff.

Lastly, it was sewing time! Oh I could not wait to wear it with my outfit. Yay!!!

Check out this link for video tutorial on how to sew a fleece beret. Happy sewing!



  1. omggg why are you so talented!!! 8D

  2. wargh i want you to partner with rot to be thr5t creators!

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    Ana - that would be a great honour :-)