Friday, March 11, 2011

Hat Yai trip: Part 2

As mentioned in my earlier post, I made a list to-buy items, which consisted of beret, seamed stockings and Zara-like pants. Well, as you can see, some other items made its way into my list somehow. I could not resist a peter pan collar blouse and would you believe me that I bought the blouse from a school uniform-like shop in the market?!? What do you think of the Zara-like pants? Look great, don't you think? Added four pieces of cardigans of different colour into my collection. Sound crazy? At times, I would purchase a piece of the same design in different colours if I liked the design and it fit well.

My vintage dresses finds in Hat Yai! It was difficult to choose only three pieces to give them a new home out of some many dresses on the rack. Tough, tough, tough. I had to let go two other vintage dresses as shown in yesterday's entry.

Weekend is around the corner but I have no particular plans besides catching up on my alterations and house chores. Hope you will have a great weekend!

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  1. Those pants really do look like they would be from zara! a great find indeed. those dresses are all so pretty.