Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sneak peek: Hat Yai, Thailand trip

I am back from Hat Yai, Thailand for a holiday. It is a mix feelings of depressed and relief. Depressed because it is time to face the reality; work and all but relief that if I continued to shop almost every hour each day, there would be a very, very big hole in my bank account. Unless there is such a thing called money tree that grows money instead fruits exists, then there is no problem to shop 24/7.

I had a list of things to buy: beret, seamed stockings, and Zara-like pants which I love so much and at the same time I could not afford. Somehow, other things managed to sneak into my to-buy list. Hhhmmm....

Hope everyone's week has been great so far. I have loads of catching up (reading blogs, checking out etsy, checking emails etc.) to do. Have a great evening/day!

1 comment:

  1. bestnya p hatyai! minggu depan i p pula.hehe:)

    eh.nak shopping etsy jugak!!!!