Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Young and full of dreams

Photo taken from ana and her talking bulb

Last Saturday, it was a day to remember. A day that Ana from anaabu (formerly known as Vintage Packstocks) and I finally met in person. All these while we have been customer-seller relationship, then moved to following each other blogs and exchanging comments in the blogging world. It was great fun to meet Ana and her friends: Suwa and Tirah from Flashback.

Suwa and Ana - after a long day at I love bazaar, Subang Parade

As for Suwa, we were acquainted through exchanging comments on each other blogs. I checked out her blog once in a while. She has a cool blog - love her photos and her thoughts.

These young ladies are young and full of dreams. So much passion and they dare to dream big. I seriously envy them. They inspire me that dreams can be pursued regardless age. Just go for it! It was really, really great to meet and hang out with them. Good luck with your latest and upcoming project, Thr5t. All the best! Can't wait for it...

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  1. Uwahhh! We looked so tired indeed! and what a sad dinner we had! hahahaha thank you for coming to visit and had dinner with us. ^^ Looking forward to meet you again!

    AND we promise to launch Thr5t SOON! hahah Look out!