Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lucky or unlucky?

What can make ones' day none other than receiving a long waited items that was purchased via online or receiving a gift? Mine was a long waited items purchased from Etsy. Yes, I know, I am hooked on Etsy. Received these parcel at work. I was pretty excited and controlled myself not to open them at work.

Parcel 1

Nicely packed package with a thank you note. Nice gesture.

Shoes were nicely wrapped with layers of soft paper.

Shoes received in good condition but... yes, there is a but for this purchase. They do not fit. I am gutted. The seller made a typo error on the width of the shoes and I am not very familiar with that particular brand's sizing. I am thinking of selling them. Anyway, if anyone would like to provide these lovely shoes a new home. Please let me know.

Parcel 2

Guess what I bought?

It is a vintage pillbox hat! I love this hat. It fits well. Although there is no occasion for me to wear such hat but I am keeping it as part of my vintage collection.

So at this moment, I am partly happy and partly upset with my purchases. Anyway, I can't wait to check out Thr5t launch tonight! Good luck girls!


  1. Will the seller not return them since it was their error? What size are they? They are perfect for summer!!

    THAT HAT IS FANTASTIC! This summer my goal is to learn how to make 20s-50s inspired hats. so excited.


  2. Hi Jenni,

    Hope you are well. I sent the seller a convo/message. Have to wait and see. It is size 6 A3 (as labeled in the shoes) as for the measurements: insole - 9.5" and the width of the shoe - 2 3/4". In total agreement! Sigh, these are lovely shoes..

    That's cool. Hope you would share it on your blog.