Thursday, February 10, 2011

Penang trip: Part 2

My thrifting finds during my Penang trip and also in Ipoh - all items including the basket :-)

Lorong Kulit, Penang - it is a market place which sells fruits, vegetables, household products with couple of stalls selling antiques and pre-loved clothes.

Salvation Army's thrift store in Jalan Perak, Penang. This store is much bigger than the one in Tambun, Ipoh but the items are a bit messy. Details of the store:

Kedai Jimat
56D/56E, Perak Plaza
Jalan Perak
10150 Penang
Operation hours: Mon to Sat, 8.15 am to 5.45 pm
Tel no: 04 227 9369

Thrifted kebaya top from Lorong Kulit

Thrifted floral dress from SA thrift store, Penang

Thrifted skirt suit like from SA thrift store in Tambun

Thrifted hat from Lorong Kulit and thrifted skirt from SA thrift store, Penang

Thrifted beret from SA thrift store, Penang and thrifted polka dots skirt from SA thrift store, Tambun

What do you think of my thrifting finds? Am I lucky or what?


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  2. I have a blouse that looks almost exactly like the green/white thrifted ruffled blouse! I wore it a few weeks ago (you can sort of see it here:

    funny how you can find such similiar thrifted items

  3. You are lucky! :) I love the last one and the floral dress!!

  4. Lucky lucky indeed! it would be great if the five of us can go thrifting with you! =D